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AA - Automobile Association




Across the Lake - Anthony Hopkins - Links

Actew AGL - electricity energy

Advertising on the  Internet

Airbus - E-Fan electric English Channel crossing 2015

Alfa Romeo

American Civil War

American Solar Challenge - History

American War of Independence

Amoco - energy

Amphibious Vehicles - World Records

Amy Johnson - Solo England Australia 1st woman

Andy Green - Thrust SSC

Anthony Hopkins - Hollywood Actor

Arlington Speedway Eastbourne


Art Links Page - Female performing artists, Kismet Girls

Aston Martin


Aussie Invader 5R - Rosco McGlashan

Austin - Camping Weekend 2005

Australia - Australian Geography& History

Autocar Magazine

Automated and Electric Vehicle Act 2018

Automotive batteries  -  How to change

Automotive Link Exchange

Automotive Prehistory Links

Baja Beetle - Baja 1000 Race

Baker Torpedo

Bartel, Denis - Spirit of Adelaide 1986

Batteries - history & how they work

Battery Box

Battery Cartridge Exchange

Battery Locator - Source Guide Links

Battery Vehicle Society- UK

Beach Buggy - VW

Beaulieu - National Motor Museum


Bernie Ecclestone - F1

Bernoulli's Law


Bertone - Zero Emission Racer


Blackbird - Land yachts

Bluebird Automotive Group Limited

Blue bird - Baseball sport caps

Blue bird - Embroidered 'T' shirts

BE3 - Funding Progress

Bluebird  Links

Bluebird K7 at Coniston - 1967

Bluebird Marine Systems - Navigator

Bluebird of 1977 (solar car)

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BE1 Electric Car intro

BE 1 - cartridge

BE 1 - chassis

BE 1 - design

BE 1 - instruments

BE 1 - motors

BE 1 - battery servo

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BE2 Electric Car intro

BE 2 - buck

BE 2 - filling 

BE 2 - painting

BE 2 - shaping

BE 2 - registration

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Blueplanet Ecostar

BE3 Electric Car Project

BE3 - bodywork

BE 3 - chassis

BE3 - motors

BE 3 - team

BE 3 - technical

BE3 - transmission

BE3 - wind tunnel model

BE3 model - formers

BE3 model - assembly

BE3 model - shaping

BE3 model - plaster

BE3 model - primer

BE3 model - painting


Bloodhound SSC - 2017 LATEST NEWS

Bluebird Electric - supporters club

Bluebird Electric 4 - intro

Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd - Links

Blue Max medal

Bluebird Music

Blueplanet Supporters Club

BMW - For Sale 875

Bonneville 200 mph Club

Bonneville Nationals

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

Bonneville Speed Week


Borzoi body forming

Borzoi combination lever or joystick controls

Borzoi joystick prototype car

Borzoi prototype chassis

Borzoi Russian Wolfhound

Brands Hatch

Brighton - Town history and Pier

British Columbia Hydro - electricity

British Electric Land Speed Record -    Sept 2012

British Gas - RAC Future Car Challenge

British Land Speed Record

British Steam Car Challenge - Stanley Steamer

British Petroleum - energy development

Brooklands - Banked Racing Circuit Surrey

Buckeye Bullet - News   Team  Messages

Buckeye Bullet 2 hydrogen fuel cell - Blog

Buckeye Bullet 3 Venturi - 341mph electric car

BYU - Brigham Young's Electric Blue Record

Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge

Canadian Solar Disc Challenge History

Caravan - Gypsy Wagon

Carbon Fibre - Graphite, Kevlar

Carburettor - Carbs

Castrol  -  lubricants

Chain drive

Charity - Education and Environment

Charles Lindbergh - 1927 Transatlantic record

Charles Stewart Rolls - June 1910 1st English Channel return trip

Chevron - energy exploration

China Power International Development

Circumnavigation by aircraft 1st first equatorial Pacific

Climate Change -

Club - Blue Max Membership

Composites - Laminating

Concept Cars - Royal College Art

Corbin Sparrow - Mike Corbin designer

Coventry British Transport Museum

Crash helmets

CVT - Constantly Variable Transmission

Cycles - Reza Pakravan record attempt

Dalek - EV project


Dame Vera Lynn - Bluebirds Cliffs Dover

Dangerous Driving - Sentences

Darpa - Autonomous Robotic Vehicles

Datang International Power Generation

Daytona Beach, Florida

Diesel - Fuel oil and Rudolp Diesel

Diver qualification - BSAC

Donald Campbell CBE - Bluebird Coniston - CN7

Donald (Don) Wales

Dunlop BTCC MSA - Championship 2014

Eastbourne fun run

Electrathon America - Events 2004 - 2005

Electrathon -   IBM US Speed Trials Oct 04

Electrathon Nationals Record 2006

Electrathon Boneville Record 2007

Electric Cycles

Electric Motors - how they work

Electrical Review magazine

Electric Rickshaw -  trike

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle History 1834 - 1985

Electric Vehicle News

Electricite de France - power generation

Electrobras - Brazilian power company 

Energy Australia - electricity distribution


EEVC - Convention March 2018, Geneva Motor Show

E.ON  -  electricity distribution

Epsom to Brighton Vintage Motorcycle Run

Eskom  -  Energy Utility

EV Batteries - International Conference 2018

E V links

EV Terminology A- Z

Electric Vehicle Owners Club - USA

Elvington airport

Emotion ABC News - Nevada USA

Emotion BBC News - Chicago Sun Times

Emotion LSR   -  Specifications

Emotion - The Herald - Scotland

Emotion UK record   -

Emotion Verneuk pan South Africa venue

Emotion - Washington Post news

Environment - Secretary of State

Esso - petroleum energy

Exxon - oil and energy

F1 in Schools Technology Challenge

FCH-01-1 EV design H2020 hydrogen cartridges

FCH-01-3 Liquid hydrogen H2020 EV cartridges


Feuling Streamliner - 300 mph design



Filching Manor Motor Museum

Films: Top 200  Film Index  New Releases

Film Rights Exclusive  TV, Film, drama

First Energy - Ohio USA - Power Generation

Flipside Magazine

Ford - Fusion hydrogen car

Formula E - Pit Stop Excange Supporters Club

Formula One Administration Limited

Formula One Management Ltd - Scandal

Formula One - Racing - Sponsorship

Foresight Vehicle Programme - Dti

Fort Bovisand underwater centre

Fuel Cells GM Hy-wire


Fund Raising - Tips

Fusion 999 - Ford hydrogen LSR Bonneville 2008

General Motors

Geography - World Atlas

GD Power Development - Energy

Glass Fibres - GRP

Global Positioning System - GPS

Go Kart - Gravitron LSR contender 500kg

Golden Arrow - Goldenrod

Goodwood - Festival of Speed - Circuit

Grand Prix - History - Races & Drivers

Green Energy Plc - electricity generation

Green Flag - Roadside Assistance

Green Motorsport Limited - Green Sport

Greenpower - Electrathon 

Greenpower - Archive - Design

Greta Thunberg - Climate activist

Grid, National power supply network

Heliodet 6 - Detlef Schmitz

Helios III - Roadrunner

Heliotrope - France 1996 & 2006

Heritage Lottery Fund

Hexapods - Robotics

Home Insurance - Direct

Honda History

Honda - Solar car

Huadian Power International

Hughes Duwal 2015 electric English Channel record

Hydrogen gas generator - Hydro Gen

Hydro Quebec  -  electricity generation 

Indianapolis - racing circuit

Insurance: Cars, Motorcycles, Vans

Insurance: Boats, Yachts, Ships, Cargo

Intellectual Property - IP Rights

Internal Combustion Engine - ICE

Ireland, Northern


James Bond and Ian Fleming

Japan Atomic Power Company - electricity

Japanese World Solar Car Rallye

Jamais Contente

JCB Dieselmax LSR car - Andy Green

JCB sets new diesel record 23 Aug 06



Jestar Limited


John Ackroyd - Designer Extraordinary

John Cobb - Crusader Loch Ness

John O'Groats to Lands End - Endurance Run

J-Power - electric power development co

Karaoke A - Z UK venues

Katherine Hudson - L2B event manager 2007

Kaye, Nelson

K.A.Z - Dr Shimizu

Killacycle - Electric drag bike - Killajoule

Kit Cars International  


Land Rover

Land Speed Record Story - Chronology

Land yachts - rotary turbine cars

Lead Wedge

Life on Earth - Animals, Plants

Light and Sound - Speed and Distance

Lightning Rod


London - The City of

London Electricity LETEC awards

London to Brighton Classic Car Run

London to Brighton Mini Owners Club Run

London to Brighton Solar Car Run 2015

London to Brighton Sports & Kit Car Run

London to Brighton Vintage Car Run

Lord Montague

Los Angeles to New York - Cannonball Run


Louis Bleriot - English Channel record 1909

Lynch Electric Motors - Buy Online

Mad Dog

Malcolm Campbell

Marine Conservation A to Z guide

Marquee and Tent hire and sales

Maurice Maeterlinck - Bluebird Play



Mercedes Benz

Michael Golding - Work Experience

Mile and Kilometre distances - Speed

Milk Float LS Record

Miss Budweiser - Budweiser Records

Mobil - oil and energy

Mobile Phones

Models - 1/20th scale hydrogen truck service station


Money, Mortgages, Capital, Shares

Monte Carlo - racing circuit

Monza - Racing venue

Motor Manufacturers - Directory

Motor Sports Association

Mould making - GRP composites

Movies - New Film Releases

Music Index - Music

National E Drag Racing Association (USA)

National Motor Musem

Nelson Kruschandl - Designer


News Desk Links  -  NEWS

Next Era - energy company

North American Eagle - NAE

NTPC  -  National Thermal Power Corporation

Nuna 1 - European Space Agency

Nuna II - Delft University

OPEC - Oil Producing Exporting Countries

OSU Buckeye Bullet - Bonneville

P and D Engineering

Panasonic World Solar Challenge 2007

Panel Beating

Parliament - MPs A to Z Index

Parry Thomas - Babs

Pat Rummerfield

Patent Application

Patent Certificate


Pendine Sands - Hot rod drag strip South Wales

Pennies - Stacking cents and pennies, world record coin pile

Pepsi Cola - history - Coca Cola

Pepsi Max

Petition - E - Historic Vehicle Exemption

Petroleum and Oil

Petroleum Reserves & Solar Energy

Physics Prize - Sussex Author's new book


Pitot Tube

Pivco "Citi" EV and Ford

Politics - British Corruption

Popular Mechanics .com

Popular Science Magazine - Nov 2004

Porsche - VW development

Pothole Britain - Dangerous driving for tourists

Powergen - UK electricity distribution

Protective clothing

Pulling Power - TV

Pushchair buggy

Qtronics Limited - PCB Design

Quad Bikes - Amazon ATV

Queen Elizabeth II  -  80th Birthday

Queen's University - Gemini 2003

Quiet Achiever - solar car 1983

RAC - Royal Automobile Club

Race the Sun - Movie - Halle Berry

Racing Circuits - Drivers - Teams

Racing overalls - 

Red Bull - history

Red Electrica de Espana - Energy

Ricardo Engineering, Shoreham, Sussex

Richard Hammond - Vampire Jet Car Crash

Richard Noble - Thrust2

Riker Electric Torpedo 1901 LSR Car

Roads, Highways, Motorways & Tracks

Robotaxis -

Robotrucks -


Rolls Royce - Rover

Ron Ayres - Thrust SSC & JCB D'Max

Route 66

Roads - Tax, MOT

RTE  -  Reseau de Transport d Electricite


RWE AG  -  Energy Generation Company

Safety Capsule - BE3

Safety harnesses

Sahara Desert, Tunisia - Emotion June 04

Salt Flats - Lake Lefroy

Salt Lake City - Utah

Saudi Arabia - Middle East and OPEC

Scale Model Replicas


Scrapheap Challenge UK

Search Engines

Sewing Machines

Shell - Royal Dutch Oil

Silver Eagle

Sir Clive Sinclair - C5

Sir Henry Segrave - Golden Arrow

Sir Terrence Conran

Site Navigator

Slaughter, Trevor - Motorsport Australia

Smart Car

Snowplough - Autonomous vehicle ION sponsored

Society of Motor Manufacturers SMMT

Solar Boats - index

Solar Car Directory

Solar Car Directory Events and Racing

Solar Cars - Part Finder

Solar Car - Road going first

Solar Cars - HistoryDesign your own

Solar Cells - how they work  Companies

Solar Cola - New healthy cola drink

Solar Miner IV

Solar Motions - Martin Koebler

Solar Panels

Solar Phantom

Solar Power

Solar Powered Cars - Experiment

Solar Powered Cart

Solar Powered Rickshaw

Solectria - Hybird electric school bus

Southern California Timing Association

Speed = Definition and Conversion

Speed Machines - Channel 4 TV

Speed Record Club  -  Links  -  Aims

Spirit of America  -  Spirit of America 2

Sponsors    -    Investment

Sponsorship  -  GP and F1 Sponsors

Sport, Culture, Media - Sec of State

Sports & Games - Index page

Sports & Sponsors

Stanford - Lithium ion EV Project


Stuart, John McDouall

Sunbeam Silver Bullet - Don Kaye

Sunraycer 1987 - General Motors

Sussex Enterprise

Sunsurfer - Sounthampton Uni's Cycle


Suzuki off roader

Suzuki Intruder

Tata Power  -  Energy company (India)

Technology Strategy Board

Tents and Marquees  hire and sales

TEPCO - Tokyo Electric Power Company

Texaco - Texas Oil Company

The Blue Max, Film starring George Peppard

The Highway Code

The Red Baron - Manfred von Richthofen

Thrust SSC - Super Sonic Car

TM summary

Top Gear - BBC TV - Pro pollution?

Trade Marks - Registration

Trailers - World's largest

Transatlantic Attempt Sun21

Transport - Secretary of State

Trikes, sidecars, three wheel m'cycles

Tru Energy  -  electricity distribution

Tyres  -  Off Road  -  Aircraft

UAE - United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United Nations SDGs 2030 Agenda

Universities of Australia

Universities - UK - USA - Canada

USA - The United States of America

US Department of Energy - Saving Tips

US Dept of Energy - Co Sponsors

US Dept of Interior - Bureau Land Mngmnt

Utah - Salt Lake City, USA - Bonneville

Vans - Solar Powered


Vehicle history

Venturi Jamais Contente BB2

Venturi Jamais Contente BB3

Veolia World Solar Challenge - Australia


Volkswagen Baja Bug  -  History

Volkswagen Combi Van

Volkswagen Club Links

Volkswagen Eco Racer

Volkswagen & Porsche History


VW car spares and experts advice

VW Summer Festival Sussex Owners

VXL Automotive


Water Mill Index - Waterspeed

Wealden District Councils - Elections, Taxes Jobs

Wheel Adapters

Wheels - History and Development Nuts& bolts

White Lightning - 1999 record holder

White Lightning II - 2005

Wind Tunnel History

Wind Tunnel  -   Nelson MkII Details


Wood Carving - concept cars

World Cup Football 2006 - FIFA

World Land Speed Records - absolute

World's Fastest Indian - Burt Munro

World's Fastest Solar Car

World's fastest hydrogen powered boat/ship

World Records

World Solar Challenge - History - Rules

World Solar Navigation Challenge Boats

World War Two - WWII

World Water Speed Records - absolute

Wright Brothers, First Flight, Wilbur & Orville

Writer Contributions - Terms

X1 - Ian Wright electric prototype

Yamaha - AS3 125cc motorcycle

Yamaha Electric Rickshaw



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