Abortions, Downs Syndrome - Modern eugenics

Abuse of Process - Article 6 violations to fair hearing

Access to Justice - Lord Woolf

Adolf Hitler - Nazi Germany dictator

Affidavit  -  Example of how to set out your case against a Council

Affidavit Sept 1999 - Planning Application WD/98/0996/F negligence

Affordable Housing Timber Mobile Homes   Links

Agenda 21 - Wealden's plan of action  - Local Agenda 21 - Links

Aiding & Abetting - Accessories Act 1861

Allan Dewitt - Unbiased expert witness

Amanda Knox - Appeal and Retrial


Andrew Corkish - Valuation Office Agency

Animals, Plants - Life on Earth

Anne Frank - Diary of Nazi persecution in Amsterdam

Appeals, Court of Appeal caselaw - only on a point of law (slow page)

Appeal, Grounds of against criminal conviction

Appealing Inspector's decision to High Court - S. 289 T&C Planning Act

Archaeology - industrial

Argus, The - Nov 30 1999 - One mans fight to save historic building

Art Links - Actors, Musicians, Painters, Writers

Article 1 ECHR

Article 6 of the Human Rights Act - fair hearing

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act - discrimination

Article 10 - Human Rights Act - freedom of speech

Article 13 - European Convention - Effective remedy

Articles of Association - Company formation

Arun Ferreira - Mumbai, Napur Jail - Prison Diaries

Arundel Castle

Ashdown Forest

Auditor, District - Audit Commission are they a waste of space?

Aung San Suu Kyi - Nobel Peace Prize winner



Automotive A to Z

Bankruptcy - Enterprise Act & Insolvency Act 2000

Barclays Bank - Account closures and missing money

Barker, Rt Hon Gregory MP  (Cons) Paul Barker (conservationist)

Barns and Barn Conversions

Bastow, Brian - another animal lover under threat

Bath and North East Somerset District Council - Wansdyke District Council

Battersea Power Station, London

Battle - East Sussex - Battle Abbey

Battle of Britain, The current Battle against British injustice

Battle of Hastings 1066

BBC - Rough Justice

BBC - The Verdict courtroom sex drama airing serious issues

BBC - TV licence fee - Monopoly tax breaches Article 10 - Officers

Beachy Head - Eastbourne, East Sussex

Bed Wetting

Berry, Christina - Councillor Wealden

Best value practices - Best consideration - to save ratepayers money

Beverages - Crops through to production, marketing & distribution

Beverley Boakes, Mrs - Legal officer Wealden & Rother

Bill of Rights 1689

Birthday Honours Lists - 2014

Bodiam Castle

Bollocks - Slang and human anatomy

Boudica - Queen of the Iceni fights off Roman invaders

Brexit - UK exit of European Union


Bricks and Brick Making

Bridget Norflok - CPS Crown Prosecution Service

Brighton and the West Pier

British Constitution - Lack of

British Empire, The Commonwealth Nations

Buchenwald - Nazi Germany, experiments on humans


Building Conservation - links

Building Regulations

Bunny Boilers - Girls out for Revenge and Attention

Burgess Hill

Business - Dirty tricks and obstruction

Bushy Wood Scout Camp  -  Find Bushy Wood

Cancer Research - Cancer in Society

Caravans - Gypsy development rights - discrimination

Caroline Ansell - Member of Parliament for Eastbourne

Caroline Lucas - Brighton MEP

Caselaw - Judicial and High Court planning decisions

Cash for Honours - Lord Levy

Cash for Questions - Mohamed Al-Fayed & Neil Hamilton

Cath Jackson - Natural England conservation officer

Caves and Mines in Wealden

CCRC - Calderbank, Liz

            Foster, Richard

            Hawkins, Justin

Cement - Mixing Mortar

Charity Commission of England and Wales

Charles Clarke MP - Home Secretary scandal April 2006

Charles Kennedy - Liberal Democrats election campaign

Charnley, David - Bruno the Bull & photographs in the Crown Court

Chickens - Free range eggs

Chiddingly - The Six Bells

Children and Young Person's Act 1933

Chris Arnold - Wealden Planning (Enforcement) Officer

Chris Huhne - Speeding your way to a prison cell

Citizens Advice Bureau - FREE LEGAL ADVICE

Citizens arrest - the power to detain suspected criminals

Citizens Charter - PPG1 - putting things right

Claire Atherton

Clean, Alternative, Sustainable Energy Links

Climate Change - conservation, endangered species

Colposcopes, Colposcopy and Colposcopists

Columbine, Jefferson County, Colorado - School Shootings

Combine Harvester - Invention and autonomous future UK

Community Psychiatric Nurses -

Companies House - filing a company to limit liability FREE ARTICLES

Compensation - Damages, Costs, Loss

Concentration Camps

Concrete -History and more

Conflict of Interest - White Collar Planning Crime

Conservation officers of convenience!

Conservative - MP for Wealden - The Conservative Party

Conservative Party - Election Promises

Contravention (nonsense) notice - why not ask for details

Conspiracy - to defraud, to discriminate

Constructive Dismissal - Eastbourne District Hospital Trust, DGH

Cops and Robbers - Panorama Whistleblower - A Fair Cop!

Corby Borough Council - links page

Corkish, Andrew, Charlotte - Valuation Officers for a long time

Cornwall County Council - Cllr Graeme Hicks

Costs Award - sharp practice serving documents late - Circular 8/93

Costs Scandal - Wealden DC spending on Vendetta

Cosy Relationships - Council Officers Index

Council Of Europe - Grand Chamber

Council Tax - Corruption and complacency increases rates

Councillors Duty - is to represent the public

Councillors - finder

Councils - Links to UK district, borough and country councils

Council tenders, contracts, overpricing, fraud, etc, Wealden DC

Court Service - County Court & High Court

Country landowners Association - 3 Piddling Ditches - land drainage

Crime - Planning officers are immune from prosecution

Criminal Cases Review Commission - CCRC - Failures & Injustice

Criminal Law Act 1977 - Conspiracy

Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 - Malfeasance

Crusades, The

Crowborough - Sussex Town

Crown Prosecution Service - CPS

Crucifixion of Christ - Pontious Pilate

Cunts - People who are nasty and the female vagina

Customs and Excise - Breaches of Human Rights - Article 8

Dachau - Nazi concentration camp for political prisoners

Dame Shirley Porter - £10m offer

Data Protection Act 1998 - Information Commissioner's Office

Dave Lee Travis - Sex crime investigation victim

Dave the Chameleon - Going Green!  Labour Party Political TV

David Blunkett and Kimberly Quinn - Eugenics Programme

David Cameron - Foreign Cash for Campaign - Chipping Norton

David Watkins - Schoolboy assault allegations

Death Penalty - Wrongful conviction DNA injustices

Debbie Barrington-Smith - Eastbourne District General Hospital EDGH

Demolition of the stables at Bushy Wood

DHL International UK & Control Accounts

Diaries - Opportunity, Valentines Day

Director of Public Prosecutions - DPP

Discrimination - according to Wealden - Institutionalised

D.I.Y. - Building Tips

DIY Estate Agency Service - sell your own property

Dominique Strauss Khan's - Maid in Manhattan (well close)

Dorset Victim Support Group

Dover District Council v Peter Moulder 2007

Dr Elizabeth Jane Carter - Forensic specialist sexual assaults

Dr Melanie Liebenberg - Pediatrician 

Dryden, Albert - Shooting incident, Durham

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - John Millar

Duncan-Smith, Rt Hon Iain MP

Durham City Council - Tony Martin brings down council

Duty - Duty of Care, Duties of Office

Eastbourne Borough Council - investigation EB.2003/0309

Eastbounre Herald - James Foster v EBC - irrational pension benefits

Eastbourne Railway Station - Town Hall - Pier

East Sussex - District and Borough Councils - ESCC County Council

ESCC Officers A to Z index

East Sussex Act - Access for fire fighting appliances

Economics - Great Britain Limited - Manifesto for Change

Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities

Electioneering - Eddy Powell attacks Nick Ellwood

Elections - Hailsham local results

Emma Piper

Engagements - to be married - rings & weddings

English heritage - washed hands of planning matters: Dr Richard Morrice

Enfield Council London Borough - Members contacts

Enfield Council, £ millions wasted on temps - Bambos Charalambous

Enfield Council - £6,526 per meeting - Chris Salako & Francis Ingham

Enforcement Guide - your rights - fight for them

Enforcement site visits - your rights - record everything

England - Statistics

Environment Agency

Eugenics - Unnatural selection, sterilization & murder of human beings

European Communities Act 1972

European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

European Court of Human Rights - ECHR - Convention

European Elections - MEPs  - Council of Europe

Fascism in Local Government - Planners misuse of authority

Fraud Act 2006 - Acts of Omission by Council officers

Freedom of Information

Fire Brigade - East Sussex and East Sussex Act

Firle - Sussex Village - The Ram Inn - Bonfire Society

Flintshire County Council - Whistleblowing & Andy Sutton

Football World Cup 2006 - FIFA

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Freddie Starr - sex grope allegations

Front page news - Sussex Express February 2003

Gagging - Nigel Coltman tries to gag Nick Ellwood

Gallard, Emily - mobile home not accounted for!

Gas Chambers - Involuntary euthanasia Aktion T4

General Election 2005 - Links

Geography - World Atlas

Gestapo - German secret police - Heinrich Himmler

Giles York - Chief Constable, Sussex Police


Goliath - David and Goliath - Private Citizens v Councils

Goodacre, Brian  v WDC  misfeasance in public office

Gordon Brown MP - Chancellor

Gossip - News of the World

Government Office South East - Planning Policy

Grand Designs - Channel 4 TV

Great Ormand Street Childrens Hospital - Funding crisis closes beds

Green Party - election choices - news

Groundwater Pollution - Environmental laws UK EU Regulations

Gun Crime - UK murders, shooting and unlawful killings

Guy Fawkes - Gunpowder Plot - Houses of Parliament

Hailsham - Sussex Town and Town Councillors

Halifax Building Society - Visa Card Services

Hamilton, Neil and Christine - Cash for Questions allegations

Hammer Lane Farm - more discrimination

Harassment  - Protection from, Act 1997

Haringey Council - Fraud Watch - policy and hotline

Harriet Harman - The Volupts - Deputy Labour Leader

Harris, Anne - victim of harassment - Judge Kennedy

Hastings - 1066 Country - The Battle of Hastings

Haywards Heath

Health & Safety Executive - a guide to compliance

Health & Safety Regulations 1992 - The Statutory Instrument - A humorous look at high hedge issues - Nuisance Hedges and More

Hedges - Nuisance and victim support - Hedgeline - Links

Hellingly Parish Council - £21,000 grant withdrawal

Hendry, Charles - MP for Wealden - Blair Castle

Heritage Organisations - Links and addresses

Herstmonceux Village & Castle  -  Museum - Generating Works

Herstmonceux Parish CouncilCouncillors Index 2016

High Court Service - Wealden District Council is served

High Hedge Law - Antisocial Behaviour Order - Statutory Instrument

High Hedges - Mediation and Guidance - 2001 Bill

Himmler, Heinrich - Nazi head Schutzstaffel, or SS

Historic Buildings - Local List - Hailsham Gazette 3-3-04  NEWS

History of Housing Shortages in the UK

Hitler, Adolf - Evil German Dictator - Sussex Dictators

H M Customs & Excise - Inland Revenue

HMP Bure - Governor Sue Doolan

HMP Lewes - Governor

HMP Maidstone - Governor

Holness, Derek - former chief executive

Hoath, John - Cripps Harries & Hall - conversion

Holocaust, The

Homepage - introduction to procedural irregularities

Hop Growing in Wealden - a history

Horse Sanctuary - site index  - Meat

Horses rescued from A22 - Bushy Wood to the rescue


Hormones - PMT and Women

Hospitals - NHS Trusts - Constructive Dismissal

House - Build a Home

House of Commons - Hansard debate nuisance hedges

House of Lords - A- Z listing -  House of Lords - information

House Prices in England, Wales and Scotland - Steady decline

Housing Benefits

Hudson, Chester - missing photographs & Ian Kay - perjury?

Human Rights - A to Z index EU version

Human Rights Act 1998 - Schedule 1 Articles 2-18Part II 1st Protocol

Human Rights Act 1998 - Schedule 1 Part III The Sixth Protocol

Humberside - Police

Hurricane - Hawker WW2 aircraft - backbone in the Battle of Britain

Hymen - Female vaginal genitalia indicative of virginity

Ian Kay - Assistant District Planning Officer WDC

Ian Stewart

Impropriety - Misconduct, dishonesty & corruption

Information Commissioner's Office - Christopher Graham

Innocence - Why do people maintain that they are innocent?

Irena Rae-Crosby - Deputy District Judge

Iron Cross - German medals

Insolvency Service

Institute of Historic Building Conservation - contacts

Insurance - Marine policies online

Jack Straw - Home Secretary - James Ashley Unlawful Killing

Jack Straw MP - Foreign Secretary - Iraq admission

James Ashley - Sussex Police murder unarmed man

Japanese Knotweed

Jennie Saville-King - St Albans Crown Court

Jim Davidson - Sex allegations

Jim Stirton - Eastbourne Hospital Trust

Jimmy Tarbuck - sex allegations - compensation culture & soft targets

Jimmy Saville - Sussex Police and BBC protections

Jobs - Join the Council - Wealden

Joss Stone - Attempted murder trial & conviction March-April 2013

John Gummer

John Lewis - Chairman Eastbourne NHS Trust

John Prescott - Deputy Prime Minister

John Prescott - 2 year affair with Secretary

Jonathan Mitchell - Barrister, Ropewalk Chambers

Judge John Deed BBC tv series

Judicial Review - Settle some old scores!

Judicial Review - Statement of Facts

Judicial Review - Statement of Grounds

Judicial Review - Details of Remedy Sought

Julian Assange - Wikileaks asylum seeker

Justice Previte - High Court injunction on Wealden fraud

Katrina Taylor - Unsolved Sussex Murder

Katy Bourne - Crime Commissioner, Sussex Police

Kelvin Williams - Wealden head planning and environmental operations

Ken Jones - Chief Constable - Sussex Police


Kent - Police

Kirby Times - Doncaster and Rotheham councils jailed misuse of office

Kirk Odum v Myron T Scholberg (FBI special agent)

Kim Hodgson - Chief Executive, Eastbourne NHS Trust

Kettering Borough Council - Pipewell Bridge

Knights Templar -

Kruschandl, Nelson

Labor Party - Election Promises

Labour Party The

Lana Vendenberghe - Jean Charles de Menezes - Police Whistleblower

Land Charges - Act 1972 - Regulations

Land drainage - Another £80,000 down the drain - 3 piddling ditches

Laurel & Hardy - Come to Wealden for a jolly good laugh!

Legal Aid - British Government guilty in McDonalds libel case!

Legal Costs - Novagraff J E Evans Jackson Ltd v Custom Rickshaws Ltd

Legislation - primary planning + Circulars - PPGS

Leylandii trees face axe - News 1998

Lewes Crown Court

Lewes District Council - Brighton & Hove Albion Football Stadium

Lewes District Council - Sussex Police cover-up allegation - Lewes

Liberal Democrats in Wealden - Liberal Democrat Party

Libraries Act 2003 - Websites to be deposited for archives

Limitations, Statutes Of

Lincolnshire County Council - Leader, Jim Speechly, jailed misuse office

Lindsay Lohan - Prison diaries

Links Page - General links

Listed Buildings & Conservation Act 1990

Litigants in Person - tips, witnesses, resources

Lloyds Bank - Discriminatory Eugenics agendas

Local Land Charges Act 1972, Regulations 1977 - Compensation

Local Goverment Association

Local Government and Housing Act 1972

Local Goverment & Housing Act 1989 - Monitoring officer's duty

Local Government Ombudsman - Dirty Tricks and Report

Local Government Standards Act 2004 - draft proposal (petition)

Local Lists - Buildings of interest

London - Southwark Borough - Anti - Fraud hotline WELL DONE

Lord Archer, Jeffrey - Prison diaries

Lord Goldsmith - Attorney General

Lord McAlpine - Twitter libel case

Lords - House of Lords - website

Magna Carta

Malfeasance Vs Misfeasance in public office


Manslaughter, Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Marine insurance links

Mark Duggan - Killed in police shooting, London, England

Martin Grant Homes & Taylor Woodrow - WDC Judicial ruling 

Masons and Masonic Victims, Rites & Rituals of secret societies

Matt Taylor - Whistleblower

Max Clifford - Arrest over sex allegations

Mediation - 1st option - cost implications of refusing

Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler's best seller book (My Struggle)

Members Liability - negligence - cover ups

Members of Parliament MP's - A-Z listing, email, website, biography, etc

Memorandum of Association - Company formation

Memories - False, Screen

Mental Health -

Michael Howard MP - Conservative Party Leader

Ministry of Justice - Or is that injustice?

Miranda v Arizona 1966 - Miranda Rights

Mobile Homes -  Affordable Housing   Links

Mobile Phones - Online airtime deals texts video messaging

Money - Find banks, lenders, venture capital, investors

Monster Raving Loon Party - General Election odds - William Hill

Morris Inquiry - Ken Jones' evidence

Motor Policies Online Direct Quotes - United Kingdom - United States

Munchausen Syndrome - Psychological Attention Seeking Disorder

Murder - Murder investigations in Sussex

Mythomania - Pseudologia Fantastica or compulsive lying

National Farmers Unions - NFU

National Health Service - Fat cats - waiting lists & bed shortages

NPPF - National Planning Policy Framework 2012

Natural England - Pevensey Levels SSSI - Fen Raft spider

Nazi Britain - Surveillance state is just the beginning - England

Nazi Party - Dictators and world domination - Master race

Ned Kelly - Australian folk hero

Negligence - Claims, liability and who to sue -  Liability ruling 2001

Nelson Mandela - From freedom fighter, to prisoner, to president


New Forest District Council - Hampshire - Ken Duffy & Human Rights

Newsdesk - recent events - Archive: Argus 30 Nov 99 - Sussex Express

Newspapers - the media balanced reporting

Newton, Lord - petition panel head -now resigned his position

Niall Mileman - Wealden planning enforcement officer

Nigel Evans - Wrongly accused MP mounts expensive defence

NHS - Cancelled operations - Why pay NHS contributions for nothing?

Nolan Committee - accountability in public life

Nolan Lord - proposed statutory reforms

Northamptonshire County Council - Pipewell Bridge

Norwegian Log Buildings - Mobile Homes

Nursing Home Closures - Health Care NHS RIP OFF

ODPM - Dame Mavis McDonald - sustainable communities

Old Bailey - The central London criminal court

Ombudsman, local government - is he a waste of space?

Ombudsman findings of maladministration

Paedophiles (Pedophiles) - Causes and profiles

Panorama BBC TV Report on Asylum Seekers under Labour

Panorama - Rates - Gordon Brown and the Budget

Parish Councils - in Wealden area

Parking charges - Hailsham, Pevensey and other Wealden districts

Parking Tickets - Right to fair hearing removed by Deputy Judge

Parsons, Raymond - I haven't a clue what this means!

Particulars of Claim - Kruschandl v Wealden HQ03X03821- Claims

Party Wall Act 1996

Patricia Hewitt MP - National Health Service NHS Scandal

Paygate Farm - Uckfield - Spring water fight.

Pensioner - David Gray - Lewes Rate protester

Pensioner - Michael Andrews - Uckfield Rate protester

Pensioner - Roger Edwards - Eastbounre Rate protester 

Perjury Act 1911 - Missing photographic evidence!

Performance cash boost - incentive to councils to meet targets

Pevensey Castle

Perverts - perversity & perverse behaviour

Petition - 12 allegations of serious misconduct

Petition panel - Whitewash and sham

Petition panel verdict - we clear our own council

Photographic evidence - misuse and perversity

Pigs - Sausages and Bacon - Free range

Pimps and Societal Prostitutes

Planning Aid - free planning advice!   

Planning and Compensation Act 1991 - amends T&CP Act 1990

Planning consultant and Planning your Application FREE ADVICE

Planning Inspectorate - is not an independent tribunal

Planning - National Policy Framework Index

Planning permission granted to rebuild demolished stables

Planning Policy Guidance note 22 - Photovoltaics

Police Act & Code of Conduct - duty to protect the public and property

Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 - Rules and Codes

Police probe - apparently nothing

Police state - Institutional discrimination

Police - British forces Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex Corruption

Police avoid taking action

Political corruption - Worldwide links

Porter - Dame Shirley - £27M surcharge upheld by High Court

Potty Training - House training councils

Powell, Eddy

PPG 15 - Planning Policy Guidance notes - Historic Environment

PPG 18 - Enforcement - Official Government Guidelines

Premier Log Cabins - Mobile Homes

Prevention of Corruption Act 1906  - inducements, bribes & favours

Pricks - People who are nasty and the male penis

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Prisons UK - Prisoners - Rehabilitation - Wages & Slavery

Prison Diaries - Human Rights  - Justice 

Private Eye - Rotten boroughs

Probation Service - Sussex, Phil Hatton

Pro Bono Unit, Bar - FREE ADVOCACY

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Property for Sale in Sussex - Advertisement

Property Ladder - Channel 4 TV - Housing Shortages

Property Links - DIY property selling service

Property Maintenance - Eastbourne

Prostitution - Prostitutes

Psychology - Understanding Human behavior

Psychobabble - Does bullshit baffles brains?

Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 - WHISTLEBLOWING

Queen Elizabeth the Second - Queen of England

Quicken Wood, Framfield - Bus homes

Radar Farm - Agricultural services

RAF - Wartling - Pevensey Home Chain radar stations WWII

Ramblers Association - Appeal tips

Randwick City Council - Corruption allegations

Rape - Falsely accused: Aftab Ahmed

Rates - non-payment - Josephine Rooney

Rates - Pensioners Protest at rising Council tax

Rates - Valuations, non-domestic and council tax

Rae-Crosby, Irena - Deputy District Judge - Ray-Crosby

Rebekah Brooks - Phone hacking scandal

Res Judicata - Non transit

Retirement Home Closure Scandal - Polegate Residents under threat

Robert Kilroy-Silk - European Member of Parliament

Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham

Rob Roy - Scottish folk hero

Rockdale City Council - New South Wales - corruption allegations

Roger Brown

Rolf Harris -  - sex allegations - compensation culture & soft targets

Romany Gypsies - mobile home dwelling


Rother District Council - Whistleblowing Policy - Feb 2004 Agenda

Royal College Paediatrics & Child Health RCPCH

Royal Courts of Justice - Strand, London - Litigants in person

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - RSPCA

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - 1932 Act

Royal Town Planning Institute - members code of conduct

Rugby Borough Council - corruption

Ruth Ellis - the last woman to be hanged in England


Sadists - Sadism, cruelty in civil servants

Sarah Jane Gallagher - CPS Hove

Sarah's Law, Payne - Murder

Satan Worship -

Satanic Rites & Rituals - Knight Templar - Masons

SDGs - Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations

Seig Heil - Nazi Salute

Sex - Between human males and female

Scotland Yard - Metropolitan Police, London

Scott-Gall, Anthony - Sussex Judge, Lewes Crown Court

Scouts - Sir Robert Baden Powell


Search Engines  -  Search Engine Index

Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005

Secretary of State

Sewing Machine Index

Sexual Offences Act 2003 - David Blunkett's baby

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shana Grice - Murder & Sussex police

Shit - Shit hitting the fan - Shit on your council

Simon Hall - Rough Justice

Siôn Jenkins - Billie Jo murder frame up by Sussex police

Sir Ken Macdonald QC - Director of Public Prosecutions

Sir Neil Cossins - English Heritage

Skeleton Argument - County Court - To Set Aside Statutory Demand

Snow Blindness

SNP - Scottish National Party


Solar Cars - World Solar Challenge - Darwin to Adelaide - A to Z

Solar Racing Cars - Panasonic World Solar Challenge 2007

Southern Water -

Spitfire - Supermarine WW2 aircraft

SS - Schutzstaffel - Nazi secret police and more

Staffordshire County Council - Harassment, waste of public money

Stalkers - Stalking

Standards Board for England - "might as well buy a lottery ticket"

Stand Your

Statutory Declaration - D Phillips - perjury & perverting course justice

Stephen Nash

Stephen Nicholls- Unbiased District Judge

Stop Climate Chaos - Global warming pressure group

Storm Troopers - Nazi WWII Sturmabteilung (“Assault Division”), or SA

Sue Beale - Natural England enforcement officer

Suffolk Coast District Council - Anti-corruption policy

Sun 21 Transatlantic solar powered catamaran attempt

Sussex - guide - Sussex Index

Sussex Enterprise - Pitfalls of not scouting possible problems - SEEDA

Sussex Express - October 10 1913 - Electricity in streets and houses

Sussex Express - December 10 1999 - Tin roofed shack historic building

Sussex Express - Frontpage article 23 Jany 04 - Re: High Court 

Sussex Police - Chief Constables - Ken Jones - Martin Richards

                     - Paul Whitehouse - Giles York - Joe Edwards

                     - Chris Sherwood - Tim Mottram - Colin Dowle

                     - Maria Wallis - Mark Jordan - Gordon Staker

                     - Jo Pinyoun

Sussex Travel Guide - Activities, things to see and do

Sustainable Communities - ODPM - Green Paper


Taxation - The Great Rip Off

Teachers Union - Petition for anonymity of members accused

Television Licensing - Unlawful monopoly due for abolition

Television Licensing Resistance UK  TV PROGRAM GUIDE

Telford & Wrekin Council - Human Rights abuses

Terrorism - Causes, Iraq - Saddam Hussien, Osama Bin Laden

Terrorist suspects - Unlawful detention without trial

Thalidomide - Nazi development in prison camps

The Planning Game - Educational board game for all the family

Theresa May - Prime Minister 2017

Thomas Moore - Geraint Davies MP

Tony Blair - Prime Minister eyes petition complaint

Tony Blair - Promises crackdown on Council corruption

Tony Blair - On Lord Nolan - Australia's anti-corruption laws


Town Councils - in Wealden area

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 - Statute

T & CP General Permitted Development Order 1995

Tracey Temple - Not so Secret Diaries of a Secretary aged 43 3/4

Trademark Opposition - Don Wales

Traffic - Deaths & Injury Sussex

Tree Preservation Orders - TPOs

Trill, Lawrie  

Trugs - Trug making at Herstmonceux, Sussex

TV detector vans - visible deterrent

Twissells Mill - Appeal victory - WDC lose again


Unfair Dismissal - Monica Green

UNISON - Public sector Trade Union

United Kingdom and Planning Crime, a haven for criminal injustice

United Nations

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948A to Z index

USA - United States of America

Valentines Day - Cards, traditions

Valerie Chidson - fomer leader of Wealden DC

Vendetta - Council gangs - V for Vendetta Warner Bros movie

Vicky Pryce - Prison reform and life perspective

Victims of Planning Crime - Victim Support Groups

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg US - School shootings 32 dead

Voluntary Sector Compact

Vote Rigging scandal - electronic black box tampering

Vulva - Female genitalia

Wages - Average farmers

Water: Pollution Offences & Penalties, Private Supplies Regulations 2009

Watergate - Richard Nixon scandal & judicial proceedings

Wealden Action Group - self help group - WAG Index

Wealden broke the rules    -   Wealden in the High Court  -  Affidavit

Wealden District Council  -  WDC Website A to Z - Media Reviews

Wealden District Councillors A to Z   Officers A to Z

Links - Wealden Parish & Town councils

Wealden District Council - Who's who and what crimes - WDC site index

Wealden Iron Industry - Iron production in the Weald

Welwyn Hatfield Garden City Council Slough Estates £48m fraud

Winston Churchill - WW2 Prime minister

Website Navigator - site index

Which - Council - Best area for business investment

Whistleblower TV - Lord Archer and Ted Francis

Whistle Blowing Act - The Freedom to Care

Whistle blowing policy - compensation, Disclosure Act 1998

Whistle blower Alison Taylor - child abuses & Zurich Municipal

William Wallace - Braveheart - freedom fighter

Willful Obstruction - Refusing to show authority when asked

Windmill Hill - East Sussex

Witch hunts and trials - Sexual Offence Act 2003

World War TwoAdolf Hitler - Iron Cross

World War Three - Cyber Wars

Zurich Municipal insurance for corrupt councils