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Across the Lake

Abdt Green - JCB Diesel Max

Agfa Bluebird - Hydroplane and Offshore powerboats

AIS - Automatic Identification System

American Council on Renewable Energy - ACORE

Atlantic Ocean - 

Aussie Invader - Rosco McGlashen

Australian Maritime College - AMC

Autonomous SWASH robot ship - Bluebird Marine Systems

AUVSI - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Int.

Batteries, Lithium Ion, Polymer - Exchange refueling

Boats: Jetstar, electric - repairs

Bloodhound - Richard Noble's 1000 mph SSC

Bluebird blue bird trademarks - logos - boat history

Bluebird Store, Montana, USA

Blue birds of the world

Bluebird Automotive - Toffee - Coaches - Cafe - Glider

Blue Ribband - The Atlantic speed record crossing

Bluebird Technologies

Blueplanet Ecostar WLSR Electric Car

Bonneville - Cars & Drivers - Salt Flats, Utah

British Electric Land Speed Record 2012

British Land Speed Record - Outright

British Marine Federation

Brooklands - Banked racing circuit & Museum

Budweiser Rocket Car - WLSR

Campbell at Coniston DVD

Castrol - Lord Wakefield

Chargers - battery management

Classic speedboats on Youtube

CN7 jet car

COLREGS - Prevention of Collision at Sea Regulations


Craig Breedlove - Spirit of America

Donald Campbell - Charity Auction

Donald Campbell CBE

Donald Wales -

DPRTE - MOD defence procurement contracts

Drayson, Lord - British electric LSR attempt 2013

Drone - ROV / UUV automatic launch & retrieval system 

E-Navigation revolution ECDIS conference 2013

Electric Boats - Cars, Airplanes

Europe - Enterprise, Environmental monitoring system

Flatfire - Ron Main - Ford Engine

Formula E - Circuit road racing for electric vehicles

Formula E - Instant pit stop recharging system

Gar Wood - Miss America

Gary Gabelich & Tom Daniel

Goldenrod - Summer brothers

GRP - Fibreglass - mobile boat repair service

Heather Spurle - Water Speed Record

Henry Segrave

Heritage Lottery Fund - K7 Ebay sell off

History - The blue bird of happiness, Maurice Maeterlinck

HMS Sussex - Treasure gold laden shipwreck 1694

IMO - International Maritime Organization

Indian Motorcycles - World's Fastest - Anthony Hopkins

Indian Ocean -

Italy - Coast Guard & Navy

iXblue - Navigation and oceanographic instruments

JCB Dieselmax - Andy Green

Jet boat records - water speed

John Campbell

John Cobb

K3 - Rolls Royce Merlin Water Speed Record

K7 jet hydroplane Water Speed Records

Ken Norris - Jetstar partnership

Ken Warby - Spirit of Australia

Lake Dumbleyung - Australia WSR venue

Land speed records - LSR

Leo Villa - Mechanic to Malcolm & Donald Campbell

Lifeboats - Safety and rescue equipment at sea

Links page

Lord Montague - Beaulieu

Lusitania - Sinking by Torpedo submarine U20 WWI

Malcolm Campbell's scrapbook auction

MAS - Maritime Autonomous Systems

MCA - Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Mediterranean Sea - Sail the seven seas

Mines - Defenses and countermeasures

MonaLisa - marine traffic control

MotoExpo - National Motor Museum sustainable event

Motors: electric

Msubs - Underwater unmanned vessels UUVs -submarines

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Naval Oceanographic Office - US Military Sealift Command

Naval Studies Board - USVs

Newcastle University - Advanced & high speed craft

Nigel Macknight - Quicksilver

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Ocean Business 2013, NOC, Southampton

Oceanography International China 2013 - London 2014

Oceanographic research - Solar powered ship

Offshore wind energy - Turbines installation surveys

Oil exploration - Sustainability

Operation Ocean Shield

Pacific Ocean - 

Parry Thomas - Babs - Pendine Sands

PlanetSolar Turanor

Qatar Emri Naval Forces

Railton Mobil Special - IC LSR

RCA Victor Group - Bluebird Music

Richard Noble - Thrust 2 - Thrust SSC

Rickshaw - solar powered electric design study

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine - Marine, ship design & systems

Rover Metro - EV conversion

ROVs - drones - UUVs - Robot launching & recovery

Royal Australian Navy

Ruskin Museum - Coniston

Schneider Trophy - Sea Planes

SCAT - Southern California Timing Association

Seawork - Maritime exhibition 2013 - 2014

Seoul National University - College Naval Architecture

Siemens - Segula Matra Technologies EV motors

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Sir Terence Conran - Bluebird Store, London

Solar Panels

SOLAS - International Convention Safety at Sea

Spirit of America, 1, 2 - Craig Breedlove

Steam Car Records

Submersibles - Deep sea exploration

SWASH - Small Waterplane Area Single Hulls

SWATH - Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulls

Tank Testing - Small scale closed loop concept

Toyota - Solid state EV battery technology


Treasure Hunters - Archaeological quest - Pirates chest

Trieste Bathyscaphe - Deepest dive Mariana Trench

Turbinator - Don Vesco

U Boats - German wartime submarines

UKHO - United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

UK Marine Industries Alliance

UK NEST - Naval Engineering Science & Technology

UN - United Nations international organisation

University of Strathclyde - Naval architecture

US Energy Department $50 million EV fund March 2013

US Naval Studies Research Committee USVs

USS Flying Fish US Navy nuclear submarine

USS Bluefish (SS-222) - WWII submarine - SSN-675 Nuke

VSAT - Consilium Marine Services and Orange

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

Vampire jet powered dragster BLSR

Vera Lynn, Dame - Bluebirds over white cliffs dover

Water speed records - WWSR - Tank testing

Welcome Page

Wind tunnel testing - desktop unit concept

Wingfoot Express - Tom Green & Walt Arfons

World Electric land Speed Record


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