Wealden winter elections high taxes snow cold


Wealden snow-scape looking toward Windmill Hill from Herstmonceux. We can remember that at this time of year this field would be feet deep in snow. There can be no doubt about the change that global warming is causing. We need to act rather faster than most Councillors are able to take this in. We need Members who are moving with the times and looking to make a positive contribution to society for the health of our children and the health of the planet. Copyright photograph © February 2018 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved.





Dick Angel
Councillor Dick Angel

Heathfield Nth & Cenrl - Cons


Councillor Kevin Balsdon

Pevensey and Westham - Cons


Councillor Jo Bentley

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Bob Bowdler

Heathfield East - Cons


Councillor Lin Clark

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Deputy Chairman Standards


Councillor Nicholas Collinson

Hailsham Central & North - Cons

Portfolio Community Leadership Human Resources


Nigel Coltman
Councillor Nigel Coltman

Hailsham Central and North - Cons

Chairman of Licensing


Councillor Dianne Dear

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Dep Chair of Planning South


Councillor Phil Dixon

Rotherfield - Conservative

Dep Chair of Audit Finance


Councillor Pam Doodes

Ninfield & Hooe with Wartling

Conservative - Vice-Chairman


Councillor Claire Dowling

Uckfield Central - Cons

Dep Ldr Public Health Safety


Councillor Jan Dunk

Heathfield North & Central - Conservative


Councillor Philip Ede

Alfriston - Conservative


Councillor Helen Firth

Uckfield New Town - Cons


Councillor Jonica Fox

Cross-in-Hand/ Five Ashes - Conservative


Councillor Roy Galley

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Portfolio Economic Dev & Waste Man


Councillor Richard Grocock

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Chris Hardy

Hartfield - Cons- Chairman




Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Crowborough West - Cons


Councillor Peter Holloway

Forest Row - Conservative


Councillor Johanna Howell

Frant/ Withyham - Cons

Ch Planning North


Councillor Toby Illingworth

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons



Councillor Stephen Isted

Crowborough Jarvis Brook - Independent


Councillor Andy Long

Herstmonceux - Cons


Councillor Michael Lunn

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons


Councillor Philip Lunn

Crowborough East - Cons


Councillor Barry Marlowe

Uckfield Ridgewood - Cons

Dep Ch Licensing


Councillor Rowena Moore

Forest Row - Conservative


Councillor Kay Moss

Crowborough St Johns - Cons

Dep Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Councillor Douglas Murray

Willingdon - Conservative


Councillor Ann Newton, Framfield, Wealden District
Councillor Ann Newton

Framfield - Cons

Portfolio Planning & Dev


Councillor Amanda O'Rawe

Hailsham East - Conservative


Councillor Mark Pinkney

Hellingly - Conservative


Councillor Dr Brian Redman

Mayfield - Conservative

Chairman of Standards Committee


Councillor Ronald Reed

Crowborough North - Conservative


Councillor Carol Reynolds

Uckfield North - Cons







Greg Rose
Councillor Greg Rose

Crowborough East - Cons

Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Councillor Peter Roundell

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Chairman Audit Finance


Councillor William Rutherford

Frant/ Withyham - Cons


Councillor Daniel Shing

Polegate South - Ind Democrat


Councillor Oi Lin Shing

Polegate North - Ind Democrat


Councillor Raymond Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Councillor Stephen Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Councillor Angela Snell

Polegate North - Conservative


Councillor Robert Standley

Wadhurst - Conservative

Leader of the Council


Councillor Susan Stedman

Horam - Conservative

Chair Planning South


Councillor Roger Thomas

Heathfield North & Central - Cons


Councillor Jeannette Towey

Crowborough West - Cons


Councillor Chriss Triandafyllou

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Peter Waldock

Uckfield North - Cons


Councillor Neil Waller

Crowborough North - Cons

Dep Chair Planning North


Councillor David Watts

Chiddingly & East Hoathly - Cons


Councillor Graham Wells

Wadhurst - Cons

Portfolio Housing & Benefits


Councillor David White

Hellingly - Independent


Councillor John Wilton

East Dean - Conservative




RAMBLING - This gate has seen better days, but that should not put you off from paying a visit to our glorious Sussex countryside provided that it is still around and the air is still breathable in years to come. If you can spare the time, you will discover peace the charm of country living that town dwellers forget about as they inhale diesel particulates and consume their fast food. Copyright photograph © February 2018 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved.



The above are members (councillors) of the Wealden District Council from 2017 into 2018. They are the local representatives that are entrusted to provide an effective administration, taking in taxes from the residents and businesses and doing their best to provide social and other services efficiently.


The introduction of the Climate Change Act 2008 and the requirement to provide affordable land for sustainable development is a challenge that most councils in the United Kingdom are finding hard to adapt to, since directed to do so from 2012 in the National Planning Policy Framework Document. Wealden is no exception. They have not built any zero carbon housing and as far as we know no genuinely affordable units either (Ref: local wage test).


It was Margaret Thatcher who (in effect) cancelled low cost council housing, without giving a moments thought to the long-term ramifications for those at the other end of the earning scale. We wonder if our present Prime Minister, Theresa May, might try to do something about affordable housing to seek to re-balance the system. Obviously, once she sorts out the Brexit mess.


One of the problems might be that many councillors in the UK are either landlords or have close ties with land and property owners. If that is so, this is a clear conflict on interest that should be addressed. Councillors who do not have any residual interests will be more likely to want both affordable and sustainable housing for their constituents as they aim for a truly circular economy.



Potholed A271 is a very dangerous road at the moment, March 2018


POTHOLE POLITICS - No, not a B road, this is the busy A271 (New Road) between Herstmonceux and Magham Down. This section has been patched up umpteen times over the years, but not very well. This kind of 'Mend and Make Do' was all very well during World Way Two, but with Road Tax being what it is and with roads like this being dangerous to drivers, one might expect that Wealden and East Sussex County Council might want to get on with a proper repair - and while they are at it, Nus Ghani may want to lobby Central Government for extra cash to help get the country back on tract to an economic recovery. We wrote to Conservative MP Caroline Ansell, the former member for Eastbourne about the potholes in Eastbourne and surrounding areas a few years back. The current MP for Eastbourne is Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat, and he is doing something about the pitiful A27 with a petition that you can sign. Copyright photograph © February 2018 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved.



The fact is that affordable land has not been identified in the Wealden district and at the time of writing, there are very few energy sustainable houses being built such as to get anywhere near the UN targets. We fear that Brexit may take England further away from the European lead targets as research funding will be near impossible to find once Horizon 2020 grants dry up.


We do not want to miss out on the opportunity that we have at the moment, to comply with the 2050 targets and electrify Britain so that we can all enjoy electric motoring. It might be prudent to look at other low carbon vehicles to hedge our bets - but right now anyone could change of to very low carbon motoring except that our councils are not installing roadside or car-park charging points.


You MP for the Wealden District is Nusrat Ghani. Ms Ghani takes over from Charles Hendry and before him, Sir Geoffrey Johnson-Smith. We hope that Ms Ghani does what she can to implement a low carbon society, aiming for a truly circular economy and fair taxes. Speaking of which, what about our Road Fund Licences. Where is that money going if not on building better roads and keeping the ones we have in good condition. Wealden is littered with potholes. When will we see an end to the Pothole Politics that the previous coalition Government favoured.




YESTERYEAR - This very large Victorian country house soaks up heating oil like there is no tomorrow. In fact, with the climate change act targets not being met by Wealden District Council at the moment, there may well be no tomorrow. Don't you just love the snow? Makes you think of winter when you were young. Enjoy it while you can. The councillors at Wealden are helping to make scenes like this a thing of the past. Copyright © photograph 27 February 2018.



Dick Angel - Kevin Balsdon - Jo Bentley - John Blake - Bob Bowdler - Don Broadbent - Norman Buck - Raymond Cade - John Carvey

  Lin Clark - Nicholas Collinson - Nigel Coltman - Ronald Cussons - Barby Dashwood-Morris - Dianne Dear - Phil Dixon - Pam Doodes

  Claire Dowling - Jan Dunk - Louise Eastwood - Philip Ede - Helen Firth - Jonica Fox - Roy Galley - Richard Grocock - Chris Hardy

Steve Harms - Jim Hollins - Peter Holloway - Johanna Howell - Toby Illingworth - Stephen Isted - David Larkin - Andy Long - Michael Lunn

Philip Lunn - Barry Marlowe - Nigel McKeeman - Rowena Moore - Kay Moss - Douglas Murray - Ann Newton - Ken Ogden

Amanda O'RaweCharles R Peck - Diane Phillips - Mark Pinkney - Major Antony Quin RM - Ronald Reed - Dr. Brian Redman

Carol Reynolds - Greg Rose - Peter Roundell - William Rutherford - Daniel Shing - Oi Lin Shing - Raymond Shing - Stephen Shing

Angela Snell - Robert Standley - Susan Stedman - Rupert Thornely-Taylor - Roger Thomas - Bill Tooley - Jeanette Towey - Chriss Triandafyllou

Peter Waldock - Neil Waller - David Watts - Mark Weaver -Graham Wells - David White - John Wilton





A WHITE CHRISTMAS - Lobby your councillors for more to be done to combat climate change or we will lose our winters altogether and your children will never see the sight of a snowy field or experience the crisp air on a winter walk. Copyright photograph © 27 February 2018 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved.






photo - link to details of Councillor Lord Abergavenny
Councillor Lord Abergavenny

Frant/Withyham Conservative


Councillor Raymond Cade   


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Christina Berry
Councillor Mrs Christina Berry

Polegate North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Bruce Broughton-Tompkins
Cllr Bruce Broughton-Tompkins

Crowborough St Johns Cons


photo - link to details of Councillor Frank Brown
Councillor Frank Brown

Danehill/Fletching/Nutley Cons


photo - link to details of Councillor Norman Buck
Councillor Norman Buck

Buxted & Maresfield

Cons Deputy Leader Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Change Management


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Jane Clark
Councillor Mrs Jane Clark

Crowborough East

Liberal Democrat

Chairman Select Committee


Councillor Ronald Cussons


photo - link to details of Councillor Nick Ellwood
Councillor Nick Ellwood

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent

Leader, Wealden Independent Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden
Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


Councillor Steve Harms 


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Holbrook
Councillor Paul Holbrook

Hailsham Central and North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Hartfield Conservative

Deputy Chairman, Environment Scrutiny Committee; Chairman Liquor & Entertainments Licensing Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy
Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy

Buxted & Maresfield

Conservative Chairman of the Council

photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick
Cllr Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick

Heathfield North & Central


Cab Port Holder Housing 

& Community Development


photo - link to details of Councillor David Logan
Councillor David Logan



Cabinet Portfolio Holder Finance & Assets


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin


Conservative Dep Chairman

Select Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Roy Martin
Councillor Roy Martin

Polegate North Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Dev Ctrl

South Sub-Committee


Councillor Nigel McKeeman


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever
Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever

Pevensey and Westham



photo - link to details of Councillor Ian McKirgan
Councillor Ian McKirgan

Crowborough Jarvis Brook

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Mein
Councillor Ian Mein

Crowborough East

Lib Dem Vice Chairman and 

Deputy Chair Dev Nth Sub-Com


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan
Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy
Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy

Hailsham Central and North

Leader of the Liberal 

Democrat Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers
Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers



Deputy Chairman 

Regulatory Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Nottage
Councillor Ian Nottage

Uckfield Liberal Democrat

Dep Chair Liquor and 

Entertainments Licensing






photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes
Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes

Heathfield North & Central



photo - link to details of Councillor Raymond Parsons
Councillor Raymond Parsons

Forest Row


Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Chair Personnel Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips
Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips

Crowborough West


Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Geoff Rowe
Councillor Geoff Rowe

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough
Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough

Polegate South

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Tony Seabrook
Councillor Tony Seabrook


Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Sparks
Councillor Paul Sparks

Uckfield North

Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Internal Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Robert Sweetland
Councillor Robert Sweetland

Uckfield Ridgewood

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy

Chiddingly & East Hoathly



Stuart Towner

Councillor Stuart Towner 


photo - link to details of Councillor Brian West
Councillor Brian West

East Dean



photo - link to details of Councillor Keith Whitehead
Councillor Keith Whitehead



Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Development &


 Rupert Thornely-Taylor

Councillor Rupert Taylor

Uckfield Leader Conservative



We pay a lot of public money for the civil servants that run our councils. The quality and integrity of the staff that members of our councils hire and trust to do things correctly and honestly is paramount. The moment that anyone becomes aware that an officer of your council is abusing their position of trust - you should haul them up for an investigation and if impropriety is established, then that/those civil servants must be dismissed for the good of the council - in the process losing their pension rights - as forfeiture in stead of a prosecution perhaps - except where the abuse of trust is so beneficial in terms of fraudulently obtaining financial gains, such as a gain in land value.


There are many well documented examples of abuses on the www.bushywood.com and other anti-corruption websites. The unlawful demolition at Bushy Wood is the lead case, hence the name of that website. As a council Member, you may be told by your officers that the published cases are untrue. If you are told this we advise reading the papers for yourself, and reprimanding the officers who are deliberately spreading untruths with a spin to cover up their shameful behaviour. In all likelihood it is those officers who are up to no good, or will be up to no good if you let them - typically the long serving ones.


Another case where your officers failed to act to protect a tenant is the case of the farmer Anne Harris. Judge Kennedy is quoted as saying that her case was the worst case of harassment that had come before him in the Eastbourne County Court. He fined her landlord Mr Anscombe ten of thousands of £pounds for his actions that were only possible because Wealden District Council failed to act to stop him. Setting fires adjacent to her home as he did could well have ended in a death and a murder charge. Fortunately, Mrs Harris made a legal stand before the harm escalated.


Lessons to be learned. We pray that all of you will do your utmost to ensure that such repeats of history do not happen again. It is up to you and the electorate who vote for you.






Copyright photograph frosty winter sunrise morning Wealden district of Sussex




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