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Solar charged battery electric WORLD  Land Speed Record CAR




BE3 Blueplanet Ecostar 2013 world electric land speed record car


Blueplanet BE3 - classic side and plan elevations - this beautiful car was inspired by Reid Railton



The BE3 team are inviting partners to the project, to help underwrite transportation and timing costs from 2015/16 at 'Pendine Sands' and 'Elvington Airport' in the UK prior to an attempt on the World record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, USA or Daytona Beach in Florida.  





Richard Noble set a new British land speed record in the early 1980's with Thrust 2 powered by an after-burning Rolls Royce Avon jet engine, beating the 200+ mph of Tony Densham.  Richard's record stood for 18 years.  In the summer of 1998, Richard's record was beaten by Colin Fallows in his Vampire jet dragster, attaining 269 mph at Elvington Airport in Yorkshire. 


Then in July of 2000 Colin's record was improved by Mark Newby reaching 272.9 mph, swiftly followed by Colin again in his Vampire, reaching 300.3 mph.





The current British electric land speed record stands at a little over 204 mph.  However, the BE3 with Bluebird™ electric motors and Bluebird™ solar panels, stands a very good chance of taking the outright British land speed record, in a sleek clean eco machine. That is a 50% increase in speed - a full 100 mph. As you might imagine to beat Lord Drayson's record in an already very powerful car, is not going to be a walk in the park. The BE3 needs to be super slippery in the air with the (virtual) increase in power to weight ratio that is only possible with cartridge exchange.





See above verification from the ACCUS (FIA), telling that cartridge exchanging is classed as refueling. Can you imagine what the media will make of that?  Wouldn't you like your company to be associated with such technological innovation? The real ace in the hole is the Bluebird™ battery recharging system that is ideal for Smart City service forecourts of the future.





1) Prominent logo placement on: the car - on team clothing & team vehicles.


2) Personal appearances by the driver and car at your company's functions or exhibitions - nominate your own driver.


3) Promotion of your company at events with banners and displays.



Blueplanet Ecostar electric LSR with the Bluebird refueling system


The Blueplanet BE3 Electric World Land Speed Record Car - started out looking like the model above. Not bad, but it is now longer and lower for improved performance. The plan is to beat the British Land Speed Record, rather than the British Electric Land Speed Record, currently held by Lord Paul Drayson










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