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The Ecostar DC50 prototype above incorporates the patent Bluebird instant energy transfer system from Bluebird Marine Systems (BMS) - allowing EV recharging in around 60 seconds, using a roll-on, roll-off, or 'RORO' method. This car is derived from reliable Austin-Rover running gear and previously held the world record for fastest charging by cartridges using built in loaders. As of 2014 Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd have taken on the development of a road car - not to be confused with the Blueplanet BE3 LSR project, which is an unrelated project.  There are though some similarities in the cartridge technology used and for that reason both projects are licensed to use BMS trademarks.



The BMS Ecostar DC50, incorporating the patent Bluebird fast charging system    



The move from petrol and diesel cars to pure clean electric motoring could be fraught with anxiety, if as is likely the infrastructure takes time to catch up with the cars the industry will need to service.


The solution is to incorporate an accessory plug in petrol/diesel module for EVs where it is known that service forecourts for instant recharging are not yet built. A car equipped with Ecostar™battery cartridge instant refueling, may be run in multifuel mode which effectively turns a pure battery or hydrogen fuel cell EV into a hybrid.


Motor manufacturers who intend producing pure EV's with instant cartridge refueling may by this means eliminate any customer anxiety interim - a distinct marketing advantage.


Motor manufacturers who are interested in exploring the possibilities for this technology should contact Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd. They will be pleased to advise if a particular floorpan of any of your production vehicles may be adapted easily to use the Bluebird™ universal cartridge refueling system as used (substantially) on the Ecostar DC50. We do thought suggest that you read the improvement patent description to gain a better understanding of the application of this technology.


It is only with a built in loading mechanism, that EV owners will have the flexibility necessary to kickstart the build of service stations. An EV that is equipped with the Bluebird Recharging System may unload and swap cartridges anywhere. It is not reliant on a service station being in their area to begin with, but they will be ready for instant exchange recharging when it comes. It's a no brainer. A customer who is offered an EV with built in cartridge handling equipment - against one without; the customer will choose the vehicle with the facility to service itself.



Eco car front design with radiator grille and bluebird legend        



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       Possibly the world's fastest electric land speed record car

In a land speed record car it is important to keep the frontal area as small as possible

The Blueplanet Ecostar has a very small frontal area compatible with four wheel drive.

Note the tight fit of the cockpit around the driver's head. With a racing helmet on, 

the driver fits into the cockpit like a hand in a soft leather glove.







1. BLUEPLANET lines up to roll over a charged battery cartridge - 10 seconds


2. BLUEPLANET rolls over the charged battery cartridge - 15 seconds


3. BLUEPLANET continues over the charged battery cartridge - 20 seconds



4. BLUEPLANET senses that the battery cartridge in correctly aligned & stops rolling - 25 seconds



5. BLUEPLANET engages and lifts the battery cartridge into position -  45 seconds



6. BLUEPLANET locks in the fresh battery cartridge ready for the return run - 60 seconds

If you can fill up your petrol car this quickly, please let us know. Less than 1.5 minutes - and off she goes for the next flying mile.


If your land speed record car cannot refuel itself like this, you are at a huge disadvantage. Blueplanet is around 66% the weight of a car that does not have cartridge exchange refueling for the same performance.

                                  Bluebird electric motor bird logo


Blueplanet has inbuilt battery loaders. It does not need a  

complicated service station to refuel itself in under 1.5 minutes.




Blue bird trademark logo  The Blueplanet Ecostar is long and low. It features battery cartridge refueling. 

The driver sits at the rear dragster fashion, the battery cartridge is in the front

all the way to the nose cone. Check out the battery cartridge exchange sequence above.







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Blueplanet's body with solar cells attached, electric land speed record car


Blueplanet Electric BE3 WLSR car sporting solar cells. These cells add significantly to the speed of this streamliner - currently thought to be the fastest sustainably powered land speed record contender. The Blue Planet team are looking for collaborative academic and manufacturing partners to form a consortium for future grants/funding bids.




Early battery cartridge design be1

pneumatic battery cartridge loading servo be1

Prototype battery cartridge suitable for racing and road cars - this design has since been improved


Prototype pneumatic battery cartridge loading servo installed in an electric racing car in 1995 - uses more space but it is very fast




Bluebird recharging system concept Formula E racing car Bluebird instant pit stop recharging system, Formula E concept design
Formula E instant refuelling system concept Bluebird patent design


The world's fastest electric circuit racers need a system to recharge batteries instantly during pit stops. The Formula E concept design above incorporates the patent Bluebird™ instant energy transfer system - allowing EV refueling in around 10 seconds. Get your free developer License from Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd. 



Ecostar DC50 electric sports car kit with gullwing doors



 Chevron on vehicle technology transition. Companies like Chevron

will not invest in concepts like Blueplanet, because it is not the

kind of incremental technology advance they like. It's down to your maverick

custom builder or visionary entrepreneur to make advances of this kind.





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