What is the real cost of motoring these days? For a petrol or diesel fuelled car it is rising so quickly that any example we give here will probably be out of date when you read it. But as of the 1st of May 2012 with petrol in the UK @ £1.40 a litre, if your car returns 50 miles per gallon, then the cost of each mile in fuel alone is:-


4.55 x 1.4 / 50 = 

    12.74 pence per mile  


To this you should add higher road fund duty, congestion charges, oil changes reciprocating engine maintenance (i.e. virtual replacement every 150,00 miles after emission testing) and the damage to our ecosystem. But let's stick to the basics for now.


The equivalent for an EV is not quite so simple but we can assume 5 miles per Kw/hr where for example the GM EV1 was returning 6 miles per Kw/hr in some tests. With the cost of electricity in the UK running @ 13.7 pence per Kw/hr and 4.6 pence on economy 7, once again it is safe to assume 14 pence per Kw/hr, even though we know energy may be sourced cheaper. Then the cost of each mile in electricity is:-


14 / 5 = 

2.8 pence per mile


It's a no-brainer and only EVs can use wind and solar farm generated clean electricity; renewably long after the oil wells run dry. The sums still stack up in favour of EVs taking into account battery depreciation versus I.C. engine depreciation.


Motor manufacturers who are interested in exploring the possibilities for this technology should contact us. We will be pleased to advise if a particular floorpan of any of your production vehicles may be adapted easily to use the Ecostar™ cartridge refueling system. 





Other battery replacement systems do not provide any level of autonomy for the owner of an electric vehicle. They would be totally dependent on there being a service station, to be able to exchange or service their cartridges. With the Ecostar™ system, an owner may exchange cartridges at home, at a local shop or other cooperative, or at a service station.


This is only possible with a battery cartridge loading mechanism that is a part of an EV - built in. Yet the vehicle suffers no significant weight disadvantage with clever design. This also means that when Energy Companies build service stations in cities, etc, that the service stations designed to cater for the Ecostar™ universal battery cartridge are that much less complex, hence, cheaper.





Early battery cartridge design be1

pneumatic battery cartridge loading servo be1

Prototype battery cartridge suitable for racing and road cars - this design has since been improved


Prototype pneumatic battery cartridge loading servo installed in an electric racing car in 1995 - uses more space but it is very fast





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Intelligent Battery Support System




battery cartridge electric servo mechanism front

battery cartridge electric servo loading mechanism rear

Battery cartridge refueling system - Electric servo loading mechanism installed in a prototype Rover - front end


Rear end of Rover car (boot) - this is a more compact design than the pneumatic servo above - with exchanges taking no more than two to three minutes






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Bluebird recharging system concept Formula E racing car Bluebird instant pit stop recharging system, Formula E concept design
Formula E instant refuelling system concept Bluebird patent design


The world's fastest electric circuit racers need a system to recharge batteries instantly during pit stops. The Formula E concept design above incorporates the patent Bluebird™ instant energy transfer system - allowing EV refuelling in around 10 seconds. Get your free developer License from Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd. 




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