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Conceiving the idea is one part of the equation, making it is the other.





There are several key graduate shows for vehicle and transport design around the World but it is often the RCA that generates the most international attention. In 2004, as with most, the bulk of the work is four-wheeled but there are one or two exceptions.



Trans FX fluid blue concept car


Trans FX fluid blue concept car



In this feature, images of work are paired with students' own descriptions of the aims and intentions of their projects.




Jussi Timonen: Excess


"ONE AIM is a tribute to the Japanese supercar tradition. Japanese design heritage is interpreted with a 'Samurai helmet' look, creating a clear dominating message, combined with the advanced seating concept of Formula One cars. ONE AIM is based upon the dimensions and proportions of Toyota's Formula One TF-103."


Tiago Dias: FLOW


"Flow is a rental vehicle designed to be available to the cultural tourist that travels to Portugal with the intent of experiencing the country at a deeper cultural and social level.. ..With plenty of open areas and easy egress design, this vehicle would provide a unique holiday experience."





Panos Karras: CitroŽn Anesis


"The idea is to bring functionality into sports cars that are traditionally perceived as highly selfish and irrational in their concept.  "..The environment of the passenger cabin along with the position of the engine define the exterior design of the vehicle. The seating position is close to the riding position of a bike.  "The exterior design reflects the philosophy that CitroŽn wants to achieve for its cars. It introduces a new language that is a combination of geometric shapes with more emotional lines."



Panos Carras concept car   Outlandish red sports concept car







Linda Anderson: Self-Expression and Individualisation


"There is a need for a provocative and rebellious concept, a rebel against the blank car, aiming to strengthen the interactive relationship between man and car, to show a new direction on and off the road. A car with a personal 'face' which strives to fulfil the user's yearning for individuality."



Karl Zeeso: The Sexuality & Interconnection of Car & Driver


"The car is simultaneously designed as both a mechanical physical extension of the body and also as an object of fashion and jewellery worn to visually enhance the human body. The goal is to blur or erase the line between sensuality, sexuality and the technical aspects of the car. To make the motion, emotion and mechanics one."



Heikki Naulapšš: Aprilla Magnet


"Magnet's riding sensation, due to exposed bodywork, extreme leaning characteristics, three-wheel layout and seating position only inches from the ground ensures a thrilling ride.

"Magnet is a sustainable, low-emission, hybrid vehicle, powered by a small combustion engine with an integrated electric engine in every wheel."


David Beasley: Prometheus


"Vehicles need heritage to demonstrate progression. Presenting a 'retro-futuristic' vehicle provides a modern reinterpretation of this era of technological expressiveness. Prometheus embodies the spirit of the art of 'motionless speed' with classical elegance and ultra-modern technology."





Daniel Rodriguez Ramiro:  Open Plan Vehicle


"The mass produced automobile has its roots in the 'people cars' that appeared in Europe in the mid 20th Century as an attempt to make mobile a society in which the nuclear family was the dominant social structure.. ..However, there have been in recent decades deep sociological changes that have affected the household composition of Western societies.  "My project is intended as an exploration of the trend towards new family types and the patterns of use in these alternative households."



Alvaro del Campo Barcena: Message


"At first glance a car is an instantly recognisable object but it also needs to be 'read' in order to distinguish one car from another. The depth of this process normally depends upon the intelligence and training of the reader.  "The language of vehicle design is a very specific one. Often it is not fully enjoyed by the general public.. ..The aim of this project is to find a contemporary language for vehicles which is more expressive and therefore more accessible to people."







 A neat concept



all-new and redesigned models scheduled to hit showrooms in the next 12 to 18 months








 Great concept bikes








Lamborghini SPIGA concept car


Lamborghini SPIGA concept car



Aston Martin
Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage

Ford 021c
Ford 427
Ford Bronco Concept
Ford Freestyle FX
Ford Glocar
Ford MA
Ford Model U
Ford Mustang GT Convertible
Ford Mustang GT Coupe
Ford Mustang GT-R Concept
Ford P2000 Prodigy HEV
Ford Shelby Cobra
Ford Visos Design Study

Hummer H3T
Hummer SUT

Land Rover
Land Rover Defender Concept
Land Rover Range Stormer

Lincoln Aviator
Lincoln Continental Concept
Lincoln Mark 9 Coupe
Lincoln Mark X
Lincoln Navicross

Mercury Messenger

Nissan Actic
Nissan Cube Cubic
Nissan Dunehawk
Nissan Effis
Nissan Evalia
Nissan Fuga
Nissan Jikoo
Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Quest
Nissan Redigo
Nissan Serenity
Nissan V35 GT-R
Renault Argos
Renault Avantime
Renault Be Bop
Renault Ellypse
Renault Evado
Renault Fiftie
Renault Initial
Renault Koleos
Renault Laguna
Renault Ludo
Renault Megane
Renault Modus
Renault Operandi
Renault Pangea
Renault Racoon
Renault Scenic
Renault Talisman
Renault Trafic Deck'up
Renault Vel Satis
Renault Wind
Renault Zo
Renault Zoom

SEAT Salsa
SEAT Tango

Volkswagen AAC
Volkswagen Concept C
Volkswagen Concept R
Volkswagen Concept T
Volkswagen Magellan
Volkswagen Microbus

Volvo Versatility Concept Car (VCC)
Volvo Your Concept Car








 Concept fest future cars



The world's fastest solar powered battery electric car with instant refueling


Blue bird trademark logo  The Blueplanet Ecostar is long and low. It features battery cartridge refueling.  Bluebird electric motors

The driver sits at the rear dragster fashion, the battery cartridge is in the front

all the way to the nose cone. Check out the battery cartridge exchange sequence below.




Bluebird battery cartridges   Contact us:  Email Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd  or phone UK:  Bluebird cartridge systems



Bluebird solar panels  Intelligent Battery Support System    Blue bird trademark logo










The world's fastest electric land speed record car, a blue bird eco streamliner


If your land speed record car cannot refuel itself like this, you are at a huge disadvantage. Blueplanet is around 66% the weight of a car that does not have cartridge exchange refueling for the same performance.

 Bluebird cvt electric car transmissions  Blueplanet has inbuilt battery loaders. It does not need a  Bluebird electric motor bird logo  

complicated service station to refuel itself in under 2 minutes.




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