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Roger Albert Clark was the greatest Rally driver Britain produced in the 1970's, beating the previously all conquering Scandinavians with his very exuberant but controlled driving style.





He was born on the 5th August 1939 and died tragically on the 12th January 1998. His debut as a rally driver was 1956.

Working his way up from Club events in a Mini Cooper to full works drives with Reliant, Rover and then Ford, competing in a wide variety of events.

Roger had competed in classic events in Australia in the 1990's, and his sudden death in  January 1998 was a great loss to the rallying world.


Titles                    Championship                            Car

1965 British Rally Championship for Drivers              Ford Cortina GT 

1972 British Rally Championship for Drivers              Ford Escort RS1600 

1973 British Rally Championship for Drivers              Ford Escort RS1600 

1975 British Rally Championship for Drivers              Ford Escort RS1800 

World Rally Championship Classifications

63rd. 1981 World Rally Championship for Drivers

World Rally Championship Results


Rally                                                       Co-driver                 Car

ret.    1973 East African Safari Rally             Jim Porter          Ford Escort RS1600

2nd.  1973 Daily Mirror RAC Rally                 Tony Mason        Ford Escort RS1600

7th.   1974 Lombard RAC Rally                    Tony Mason       Ford Escort RS1600

ret.    1975 Rallye Sanremo                        Jim Porter          Ford Escort RS1800

2nd.  1975 Lombard RAC Rally                    Tony Mason       Ford Escort RS1800

5th.   1976 Rallye Auto de Monte-Carlo        Jim Porter         Ford Escort RS1800

ret.    1975 Rallye Sanremo                       Jim Porter          Ford Escort RS1800

1st.   1976 Lombard RAC Rally                   Stuart Pegg        Ford Escort RS1800

ret.    1977 Rallye de Portugal                   Jim Porter          Ford Escort  RS1800

ret.    1977 Safari Rally                            Jim Porter         Ford Escort RS1800

2nd.  1977 Acropolis Rally                         Jim Porter         Ford Escort RS1800

3rd.   1977 Critérium Molson du Québec       Jim Porter        Ford Escort RS1800

4th.   1977 Lombard RAC Rally                   Stuart Pegg      Ford Escort RS1800

ret.    1978 Lombard RAC Rally                  Neil Wilson         Ford Escort RS1800

13th. 1979 Rallye Auto de Monte-Carlo       Jim Porter         Ford Fiesta

ret.    1979 Acropolis Rally                       Jim Porter          Ford Escort RS1800

ret.    1979 Lombard RAC Rally                 Jim Porter          Ford Escort RS1800

ret.    1980 Lombard RAC Rally                 Neil Wilson         Triumph TR 7 V8

10th. 1981 Lombard RAC Rally                  Chris Searle       Ford Escort RS1800

11th. 1984 Lombard RAC Rally                  Ian Grindrod       Porsche 911 SC RS

36th. 1995 Network Q RAC Rally               Max Harvey        Subaru Impreza WRX


Other Championship Classifications

4th. 1978 European Rally Championship for Drivers


Avon Tour of Britain was an event designed to incorporate both rallying  and circuit racing into one event, featuring rally and race drivers from all over the world.

In 1974, on its debut works outing, Ford entered two Group One RS2000's. One was driven by Roger Clark with Jim Porter as his co-driver and the other by Gerry Marshall paired with Paul White. Driving a pair of white RS2000's, Clark headed home in first place driving PVX 445M, closely followed by Marshall in PVX 446M.




The Monte Carlo rally has ended in uproar over the disqualification of the British cars expected to fill the first four places.


The first four to cross the finishing line were Timo Makinen (Finland) driving a British Motor Corporation Mini-Cooper, followed by Roger Clark (Ford Lotus Cortina), and Rauno Aaltonen and Paddy Hopkirk, both also driving BMC Minis.


But they were all ruled out of the prizes - with six other British cars for alleged infringements of complex regulations about the way their headlights dipped.


The official winner was announced as Pauli Toivonen, a Finn who lives in Paris, driving a Citroen.


BMC and Ford have lodged protests but even if they are upheld, the reputation of the rally has been severely dented.


After the race, a British official said: "This will be the end of the Monte Carlo rally. Britain is certain to withdraw."


Timo Makinen said: "None of us dreamed that the stewards would turn the results upside down - and for such a stupid reason."


The British cars were disqualified because they used non-dipping single filament quartz iodine bulbs in their headlamps, in place of the standard double filament dipping glass bulbs, which are fitted to the series production version of each model sold to the public.

According to new rules introduced at the end of last year, any car entering the rally must come off a standard production line, with at least 5,000 cars being built to a similar specification.


The British cars were equipped with standard headlamps - but the only way of dipping them was to switch to non-standard fog lamps.


Richard Shepherd, from the BMC, said: "There is nothing new about the lights at all. They have been used in our rallies, on rally cars, including the Monte for two years now and we've had no trouble at all in the past."


The confusion arose because the rally organisers initially said the race would be run under the old rules - and only announced the switch after entries had been accepted.


The BMC says it spent £10,000 on preparing for the Monte Carlo rally - and is now considering withdrawing from next year's race.












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Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet

Autódromo José Carlos Pace (Brazil)

Bahrain International

Barcelona-Catalunya, Circuit de 

Bathurst (Australia)

Brands Hatch

Bremgarten Circuit


Donington Park

Fuji Speedway

Giles Villeneuve






Korea International Circuit

Laguna Seca (CA, USA)

Le Mans

Mallory Park


Monte Carlo


Nurburgring [Nordschleife] (Germany)

Oulton Park


Santa Pod Raceway

Sebring International Raceway

Shanghai International



Spa Francorchamps (Belgium)

Suzuka Circuit


Zandvoort, Circuit Park

Zeltweg (Austria - Red Bull)




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