Post Date: 4 Feb 2004  -  Verneuk Pan, Northern Cape June 2004


South African born LSR contender, Nelson Kruschandl, is considering running his Bluebird-Electric 3 LSR vehicle: "Blue Max" on the famous "Campbell track" in South Africa to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Malcolm Campbell's attempt and mark his return to the land of wonder.  Nelson says he is awaiting details of the surface and other conditions of use from the organisers before making a decision.  Nelson, a Brit, was born in S.A. when it was a British Colony.  Interestingly, Nelson's ex racing partner, Don Wales, is rumored to be considering competing in memory of his grandfather.  We understand Don has no car or backers as yet, nor have we any details of his proposal.


Blue Max BE3 electric LSR contender 2004


Post Date: 12 Dec 2003


Vernuek Pan is situated in the Northern Cape, near the town of Kenhardt, South of Upington.  The track, which consists of a dry alkali mud, extends to a length of 17 km, and can with little effort be increased to over 20 km. The presence of the teams associated with this event, which will number around thirty persons, will be augmented by the various officials, safety crew, etc. who will be staying in the vicinity. Their numbers will be further increased by the many media personnel wishing to be present to broadcast the story of the record attempts to the rest of the world. In addition to these journalists, camera personnel, and their crews, a number of VIPs from the team's sponsors will witness the proceedings. The influx of all these people is bound to enhance the economy of the area both prior to and during the record week.

Before any record bid can be made, the track has to be cleared of all foreign objects, such as stones or anything that could damage the tyres, etc.  This process is labour intensive, and the track team will require assistance from members of the local population. Marking out the course, marshalling in the viewing areas, and providing security in the vicinity of the track and pit areas will all require local labour to be hired.



Post Date: 9 Oct 2003  -  Verneuk Pan, Northern Cape June 2004


This venue, promises to be an interesting week of World and National Record breaking attempts.  In 1929 Malcolm Campbell, went to South Africa in his quest to set a new outright World Land Speed Record on Verneuk pan in his car Bluebird. 


Although Campbell's attempt failed, it has remained prominent in the memory of South African motoring enthusiasts ever since, hence the course is called the "Campbell Track" and has been lovingly preserved throughout the intervening years.   


Primetime's E=motion electric LSR contender 2004

Primetime Land Speed Engineering team of Collin Fallows and Mark Newby will run their battery powered streamliner e=motion for an attempt at the World Land Speed Record for Electrically powered vehicles.


     Post Date: 26 September 2002    Brits Harness Renewable Energy For 300mph Electric World Speed Record


A team of British innovators are about to show Johannesburg delegates and speakers the way forward with ecologically sound, environmentally friendly electric vehicles by setting a new World Land Speed Record of over 300mph on battery power next May.  Engineer Colin Fallows & driver Mark Newby have just built a 31 foot long super-sleek, lightweight electric car that uses battery power to drive electric motors. But most importantly, they're using solar power to recharge the batteries.

Says Colin "This means that we'll be the only people in the world who can travel 100mph faster than a Formula One car absolutely free of charge - just park the car up outside for while so it can absorb the Sun's energy, get in, turn the key and blast up to 300mph in no time at all - not bad eh?"Newby continued "Next May we are off to the Chott-el-Jerid salt flats in Tunisia to make World Land Speed history. Not just because we'll be the fastest ever on battery power, but because the world will see that renewable energy powered vehicles can be fast, furious and fun too!"

Meanwhile the hunt is on for a sponsor to fund the World Record attempt, and having already raised enough to design and build their world-beating missile in record time, Colin & Mark are looking forward to showing how innovative UK engineering is now being put to use for a cleaner, greener planet for everyone. "While the politicians gathered in Johannesburg spend their time and our money dithering and filling news bulletins with empty rhetoric that fools no-one, here we have two ordinary blokes in England, with "proper" jobs and families to support, leading the way towards a sustainable transport future for us all with electric vehicles" said Colin.




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