Scott Mitchell is an independent inventor with a B.Sc. in electronics.  He learned his trade in the workshops and research and development laboratories of such heavy weights as the Sperry and Honeywell corporations.


Then, a little over a decade ago, he decided it was time to strike out on his own and follow-up on a few of the “brainstorming” ideas that had been swirling around in the back of his mind.  Scott says: "It’s fair to say that I was the stereotypical “eccentric” inventor in the eyes of many who knew me."



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Hydro-Gen - Size: 5" x 5"  Volume: 1 Quart



Eventually, it all came down to focusing on his very best idea.  He knew that one concept in particular had the potential to become a product that would save vehicle-owners significant amounts of money, and help them save the environment at the same time.


The basic concept was very simple in theory: to develop a hydrogen generating device as a supplemental fuel source for motor vehicles. Hydrogen is a highly  efficient energy source.   So, after a couple of years of research and development and a number of trial-and-error prototypes, Scott unveiled his first production version of the Hydro-Gen™, that was back in 1991.


What is the Hydro-Gen™


The Hydro-Gen™ is an ingenious little device.  In a nutshell, the Hydro-Gen separates hydrogen gas from the natural hydrogen-oxygen mix in ordinary tap water (i.e. H˛O). It then adds the resulting extracted hydrogen to the conventional air mix in a vehicle engine (e.g. gasoline, diesel, etc.) thus supplementing the expensive fuel with an additional low-cost (i.e. free) supplement - the hydrogen extracted from the free tap water.




Of course, the slightly trickier part was to find a cost-effective way to efficiently separate the hydrogen from the water and then deliver it to the vehicle’s fuel system. That’s the part where an inventor like Scott Mitchell comes in.


It took a few years and extensive trial and error testing, using a number of prototypes, to get it just right but eventually Scott managed to perfect the first production version of the Hydro-Gen™ in 1991.  He's been enhancing and fine-tuning it ever since.

A Jeep with the Hydro-Gen installed


Here are some shots showing the Hydro-Gen installed in a Jeep.




Here're the summary claims for Hydro-Gen™

Better Gass Mileage - Hydro-Gen users report an average 21% improvement in their fuel mileage. (Savings like that at the gas pump will add up very quickly).


More Efficient Engine - Hydro-Gen will reduce carbon build-up in your engine thus allowing it to run more efficiently. (Less carbon build-up means more horsepower).


Reduced Air Pollution - Hydro-Gen will reduce polluting carbon emissions from your engine. (You’ll be doing your part to reduce global warming).





We’ve been manufacturing and marketing Hydro-Gen long enough by now that we have a pretty fair idea of the main questions that will come to your mind as you read this info-page.


So, following is a quick Q & A session that I believe should address most of your major concerns.

1: Why hydrogen? What’s so special about hydrogen?


A1: Hydrogen is considered a near-perfect energy carrier. It has many advantages over conventional fuels: it is non-toxic, it is renewable, clean to use, it’s cheap, and it produces much more energy per pound. Hydrogen is considered the fuel of choice for energy-efficiency. As stated above, it burns very cleanly and doesn’t produce carbon dioxide pollutants.


One of the most exciting things about hydrogen is that it is virtually cost free since one can extract hydrogen from ordinary tap water. You just have to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water, and use both in your engine. With the Hydro-Gen all you do is add a few tablespoons of lye as an electrolyte, and you’re on your way to great fuel savings.

Q2: How exactly does the Hydro-Gen Work?


A2: How the Hydro-Gen works is actually pretty ingenious. The unit  sends an electric charge through a liquid electrolyte comprised of water and Lye which causes the hydrogen molecules to separate from the oxygen molecules in the water. It then captures the hydrogen and channels it into the engine via the air intake system.


The principle is diabolically simple, really. The introduction of this second fuel actually reduces the engine’s need for the primary fuel.

Q3: Will it work in your vehicle?


A3: The Hydro-Gen will work in virtually any conventional motor vehicle. If your car or truck has an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline or diesel fuel, the Hydro-Gen will work -- new or old, any make or model. And, it doesn’t matter if you if you have an older carburetor-based fuel system or a newer fuel-injection system, the Hydro-Gen will work. Really!


The reason why the Hydro-Gen will work in ANY vehicle with an internal combustion engine is because it channels the hydrogen fuel mix through the existing air intake system on the engine, via the standard air intake hose or air cleaner. So, there are no modifications to the current engine required. You just “plug” the Hydro-Gen into the existing air intake system and you’re all set to go.


Some folks have even installed the Hydro-Gen on boats and yachts. Why not, as long as they have gas or diesel internal combustion engines?

Q4: Is the Hydro-Gen hard to install? Can I install it myself?


A4: Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the Hydro-Gen. If you’re a handyman or tinkerer, installing the unit should be a piece of cake. With your Hydro-Gen kit you will receive full installation instructions including diagrams and a parts checklist. Unlike other such products, with the Hydro-Gen you get everything you need for installation in the basic kit. And, installing the unit does not require any modifications to your engine, you just connect it into the existing system.


You can get someone else install it if you like. If you’re not mechanically inclined, or you just don’t have the time, you can easily get someone to install the Hydro-Gen in your vehicle for you. As a test, we had a friend take a unit to his mechanic for installation on his car and the mechanic charged an hour’s labor.

Q5: Does Hydro-Gen Require Any Maintenance?


A5: In winter months you must ad alcohol.

Q6: Does Hydro-Gen Come With After-Sales Support?


A6: Yes, we pride ourselves in giving timely after-sales support. We try to answer all e-mails within a couple of hours, and 24 hours at the absolute most. We believe in the Hydro-Gen because we know it works, and we want it to work for you so you can reap all of the benefits. As the inventor and manufacturer of the Hydro-Gen, I am directly tied into the customer support/service loop, so most advice or information that you get from us will be straight from “the horse’s mouth” with no middle-men to get the message garbled.


As a Hydro-Gen owner you will have access to special support e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Q7: Does the Hydro-Gen come with a guarantee?


A7: Yes, Hydro-Gen comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Every Hydro-Gen unit is made of high-quality materials and is thoroughly inspected and tested before it is sent out, so defects will be rare.


Nevertheless, should you find a defect or a malfunctioning unit we fully guarantee our materials and workmanship. So, if for any reason your Hydro-Gen unit is defective in any way, contact us and we will send you a new unit or required replacement parts by express post at our expense.


The government does not allow us to make specific guarantees regarding the actual mileage savings you will receive while using the Hydro-Gen. That depends on various factors including: the operating characteristics of your particular vehicle, the type of driving done (i.e. city vs. highway), your personal style of driving, etc.


Nevertheless, should you find that the Hydro-Gen does not perform for you as claimed, we will refund your money. So, if you have installed the Hydro-Gen on your vehicle in accordance with the installation instructions and you believe that you are not receiving any fuel savings, send the unit back to us and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Hydro-Gen hydrogen generator


Hydro-Gen Installed



What Will Your Investment Be To Get Your Own Hydro-Gen?


Ever since the early days when Hydro-Gen was just a vision in my head, my dream was to develop a product that would be affordable as an inexpensive add-on or supplement to the average person’s motor vehicle.


I wanted to make the Hydro-Gen accessible to all vehicle owners.

Pricing research has told me that the few Hydro-Gen copy-cats out there are priced at anywhere from $500 to $600.


So, I have decided to set the regular price of Hydro-Gen at less than half of those others, at $247.


Now, if you ARE one of those people that needs to see the “numbers” to believe, the following pages have been prepared for you


Most likely, the very first question that will come to your mind right now is:


“Will my savings from Hydro-Gen be worth the investment?”


Or, some question along those lines. I know that’s what I would be asking!


The only realistic and clear way to properly answer such a question is to do some basic math, based on some realistic assumptions



So, that’s exactly what I’ve done below. And, for clarification purposes I’ve answered your basic cost-benefit question from a couple of different perspectives.


First, let’s take a look at roughly how long it will take you to recover your total investment in the Hydro-Gen.


Here are the basic assumptions used for the calculations that follow:

  • Gas tank size     = 20 gallons (average mid-size sedan)

  • Cost per gallon   = $2.50 (estimated one-year average, 2005)

  • Miles per gallon  = 25.0 (average: mixed city, highway)

  • Miles per tank    = 500 (20 gals. X 25 mpg)

  • Cost per fill-up   = $50 (20 gals. X $2.50)

  • Miles per year    = 15,000 (average per year)

Hydro-Gen Savings Calculations


% MPG Savings

Extra Miles
Per Tank

Savings Per
Tank Fill-Up

Fill-Ups To
Recover $247







































The assumptions used in the above calculations are considered representative reasonable averages, based on the latest gasoline pricing performance data that is widely available at trusted Web sites including the U.S. government’s www.fueleconomy.gov site.  So, let’s look at what the above table tells us…

Number of fill-ups to recover your investment:

According to the above figures, if Hydro-Gen gives you mid-range mileage savings of 25%, you will be able to recoup your investment within about 20 fill-ups of your tank. ($247/$12.50 savings per tank=19.76 fill-ups).


At the Hydro-Gen savings rate of 40%, you will be able to recover your investment within about 12 fill-ups of your tank. ($247/$20.00 savings per tank=12.35 fill-ups).

See the right-hand column for recovery fill-ups required at each savings rate.

Number of months to recover your investment:

Looking at it another way, if you drive an average 15,000 miles per year with a Hydro-Gen installed on your vehicle, your savings on gas you will allow you to recover your full investment in Hydro-Gen in about 10 months, at the mid-range 25% savings rate.


That’s based on: 15,000 mi. per yr. / 625 mi. per tank = 24.0 fill-ups per year; at savings of $12.50 per fill-up it will take 19.8 fill-ups to recover $247, or about 82% of a year).

Driving at an average of 15,000 miles per year with Hydro-Gen installed, you will recover your investment in a mere 7 months at the 40% savings rate.


That’s based on: 15,000 mi. per yr. / 700 mi. per tank = 21.4 fill-ups per year; at savings of $20 per fill-up it will take 12.4 fill-ups to recover $247, or about 60% of a year),

Estimated Savings over the life of your vehicle:

Let’s just take a quick look now at how much you stand to save over the life of your vehicle using Hydro-Gen.

For this I’m using the same assumptions I used for the previous table. The only additional thing I am assuming here is that you will own your Hydro-Gen- supplemented vehicle for somewhere between 1 and 5 years. 



Estimated Hydro-Gen Savings

























Total Savings






It can be assumed that there will be extra savings for each additional year you drive your Hydro-Gen enabled vehicle.




Clearly, even at the relatively conservative scenarios and assumptions used in the above calculations, year-to-year savings due to the Hydro-Gen will be significant


Here’s What You Get With The Hydro-Gen…


With Hydro-Gen you get everything you need for a complete one-time installation -- all included in the basic unit price. That includes the detailed installation instructions and schematics, and all the wires and mounting hardware you will need.


I even throw in a $29 ammeter and a 50 amp rocker switch, not to mention the hoses, clamps, screws, brackets, fuse and fuse holder, and the spade terminals.  I could go on, but, I think you get the idea.  If you had to buy all the extra parts on your own, you would pay almost more for the parts than we charge for the complete kit!  Here’s a price breakdown that compares the Hydro-Gen to the typical prices charged for one of those other “copy-cat” units:





Unit Base Price


$ 500.00-$600.00

Heat Resistant Carbon Composite Reactor (Generator)


Often PVC or partial Stainless 

Extra , built-in electrode for high output installations



Wiring Schematic



Electrical Wiring


$ 16.00*

Fuse & Fuse holder


 $ 6.50*

High quality ammeter with bracket and  back light


 $ 20.00*

50 Amp  Switch


 $ 6.95*

Installation Manual


 $ 3.00*

Mounting Hardware


 $ 7.50*

Misc. - clear hoses, clamps, extra hardware, spade terminals, etc.


 $ 14.00*

Unlimited "After Sale" Technical Support





$573.95 - $673.95


* approx wholesale price for necessary items



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Hydro-Gen Accessories



With Hydro-Gen you get everything you need in the initial installation kit – all included in the one base-price.



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