Solar Cola Ltd was founded to produce delicious naturally flavoured soft drinks made from quality ingredients as a refreshing (and where possible) healthier alternative to other mainstream sodas.





In pursuit of the above, it is our goal to operate in harmony with the natural environment at local level, and as our philosophy spreads, national and international level.


We aim to encourage free and progressive thinking, through education and information on our website, and by practical demonstration (supported by donations from profits), especially concerning important issues such as protection of our eco systems and the benefits of renewable energy in combating global warming.




500ml PET bottles





We aim to impact on the environment as little as possible. We encourage our partners to source ingredients locally where possible, to cut down on carbon miles. We encourage recycling and support creative innovation in transforming waste into useful products for mankind.





We offer the opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce locally, so enhancing their local economy and providing work in relation to local distribution. The Solar Group hope that their efforts may have a beneficial effect on the local regional and global environment.


We are committed to reducing any harmful effect on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability in its broadest context as may be seen on this website.


Our policy is to treat people fairly, with respect to beliefs and customs and seek to offer equal opportunities. This includes growers, production operatives, marketing and distribution personnel.





There are five delicious new flavours in our range, which includes a traditional energy drink, a natural berry flavoured energy drink with guarana, an orange crush with vitamins and a lemon/lime drink with vitamins, both citrus drinks also made with natural flavourings and pure cane sugar. As if this was not enough, we are developing a new health drink with performance ingredients designed to reduce ageing and weight gain.


Solar Cola Limited is a soft drinks company which uses its profits to directly influence environmental issues, with the intention of reducing global warming...... See our Team.







If you are looking for an exciting new drink range to add to your existing product line, we are looking for distributors in: Australia, Canada, China, EuropeJapan, IndiaNepalRussia, South Africa, South America, UK, and the USA. We are currently in negotiations regarding the Middle East, North and West African territories, and please see our contacts  in Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia for more information. 


See our Manufacturers/Distributors/Bottlers FAQ's page to answer the most commonly asked questions.


You may be looking for a new business to invest in, in which case we can offer a complete support package, from trademark licensing to flavourings delivered to your packing line. We will also source a competitive supplier of sugar for you - wherever you are in the world. 





Start up production units at affordable prices:

  • Manual production line offering 3,200 500ml bottles per day

  • Automatic production line offering 64,000 330ml units per day




The state of the beverage market globally and in the UK is ripe for a fresh quality brand, with excellent potential for growth.  According to  the UK drinks market alone is worth an estimated £53.5 billion a year, representing a 7% share of total consumer spending.


The UK soft drinks market is worth around £2.3 billion (@2006). This figure is divided between 3 main players and 5 supermarket own brands - to give 8 players. If we divide £2.3 by 8, each player (on average) takes a £287,500,000 share of the market.  If Solar Cola Ltd were to attain an equal (average) share of the market 1/9th (over 5 years), this would be worth £255,560,000 to our company - in the UK alone. Food for thought.  Solar Cola is also a wonderful mixer which compliments Rum, Brandy and Whisky.


Shrewd investors will realise that cola and other soft drink sales are largely driven by advertising and the tastes of the buying public.  Pepsi and Coca Cola spend between $600-800M on advertising every year, to maintain their market shares.  This money is given to advertising agencies to dream up innovative ways of getting their product seen by the buying public. These are the same old products, which are losing sales according to recent press reports. Whereas, the public are now turning to healthier drinks.


Solar Cola's drinks are healthier alternatives to regular colas, orange, lemon and lime and energy drinks. As the alternative drink company, we will be sponsoring a world navigation attempt by a solar powered vessel, thus contributing to valuable research and promoting clean renewable energy.  The media coverage this project will achieve will probably equal half the spending of the two main players - at a fraction of the cost to our investors.  We can demonstrate the coverage such projects achieve in the media from our archive statistics, if you want to know more.





The song you have just heard was commissioned by us and performed by the Sunshine Girls.  Songs on our sites are played roughly 100,000 times a month and form part of our advertising strategy.  Hits generally are running over 22 million a month.


The internet is the modern advertisers medium.  We expect to reach 250 million visitors in 2007 - and remember they search and find us - not the other way round.  Our proven internet strategy is the backbone of our marketing drive and provides free information to millions of students 24/7.




250ml alu can





Apart from taste, people care more about what they drink.  Also, more people care about the environment.  Solar Cola's drinks are a tasty healthier alternative.  Natural sugar and natural flavourings, with other nutritional supplements, ensure you and your children will not only enjoy the great flavour of our beverages, but will also benefit in health terms when taken as part of a balanced diet.  A healthy diet helps promote longevity.




We started with a delicious cola, then went on to develop our energy drinks as a pick me up following illness or where energy levels generally need either a boost or restoring after sports, exams, etc.  The first drink of this type was Lucozade. We may add other flavours subject to popular demand.





We are looking for private equity investment from venture capital trusts.  Our product is fully developed for supply internationally, such that distributors may introduce our quality cola and other drinks to their networks immediately (subject to contract).  We have secured suppliers and manufacturing partners to be in a position to deliver anywhere in the world.  The investment we are seeking is to enable us to expand our marketing drive, produce samples for retailers in other locations and commission our marketing vehicle in the UK.


We have obtained trademark protection in the UK and Australia with certificates granted in Class 32 - Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks.  Applications in the USA, and Europe have been filed and are pending. Other applications are to be filed as appropriate to further protect the international trademarks featured on this page and on other websites.


Our long term goal, is to float the company on the Stock Exchanges, of the World,  whereby existing investors and investment may offer substantial returns, to take advantage of our unique product placing and the marketing opportunity identified.


Prospective investors in our company should consult their own independent investment advisers, and please note this information is provided for general guidance only.  It is not a prospectus, but is provided in response to the number of requests we have received asking for more information.  A prospectus will be provided on request.




330ml Earth Can - the World in your hands



For all Investor and Trade enquiries please contact: Katherine Hudson



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Note: The can shown above is a sample designed to convey the spirit of the Solar Navigator Challenge.  Individual internet orders and samples of Solar Cola will be supplied in poly bottles.  Payment is accepted via Paypal and please note postage and packing will need to be added as shown above.


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