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Cannonball Run official event entry rules


It has taken thousands of men and women pioneers who dedicated their lives to developing the automobile to get us where we are today. Their achievements are lasting testament to man's ingenuity, skill and determination. But where exactly are we? We are still pumping pollutants into the atmosphere dangerously warming the planet and causing cancer.


You can make a difference by entering one of the events that have been created for anyone to make their mark. New for 2015, the Cannonball ZEV International Run series is designed to further the development of practical and affordable zero emission transport. There are already a good number of official routes for you to contemplate with more in the pipeline for 2015.


You are cordially invited to take part. There is no entry fee and the events are legal, unlike the race across the US in the 1970s. The ultimate prize is the Blue Bird World Cup™ - seen below. You can see the International Rules by clicking on the poster above.



Blue Bird Wolrd Cup, Cannonball International Runs






Here are a few examples of an adventure waiting to happen near you:



  Australian ZEV Cannonball Run route map  Trans-Brasilia Cannonballers official route map - International run series  Trans-Canada Cannonball ZEV Run route map  Trans-China Cannonball International ZEV Run series route map


  Trans-India international Cannonball ZEV Run series route maps  Trans-Russia Cannonball International Runs series route maps  United Kingdom - Lands End to John O'Groats EV Challenge  United States - Los Angeles to New York EV Endurance Challenge


After Tesla set two new records in 2013 and 2014, a British team has announced their plans to challenge the 24 hour and 76 records for 1. Lands End to John O'Groats and 2. Los Angeles to New York. These attempts are planned for 2015 and 2016, beginning with the Lands End cross UK ZEV Cannonball Run.




TOMCAT DC50 electric city sports car concept with Bluebird instant recharging


NEW for 2014 - The ECOSTAR DC50 (bare frame) is a city sports car concept featuring the Bluebird™ instant recharging system that is the enabling  bridge between battery electric vehicles of today and the hydrogen fuel cell EVs of the future - Hydrogen Economy (HE) Ready. You wouldn't buy a TV that was not HD and 3D ready, so why buy a car that is not HE ready. Future proofed EV technology from Bluebird Marine System Ltd. Expressions of interest for collaborative consortium building are invited - aiming for a Horizon 2020 entry from 2015 >>. This vehicle will attempt the Lands End to John o'Groats UK Cannonball Run in 2015



We believe that the future of motoring rests with electric vehicles (or other ZEVs) that can refuel instantly: battery, hydrogen, solar powered and hybrid.  This site focuses on the development of those solar, battery and hybrid electric cars - to encourage governments and car makers around the world to change for the benefit of mankind and other life-forms that we share this precious blue planet with. Formula E is shortsighted and inept, being convenient for all of those concerned and who stand to profit from Formula 1 technology. You will note who the suppliers are! Shame on you FIA for discriminating against EV enthusiasts all over the world. This is an invitation to the FIA to comment on the above and we will print any reply.


Universal energy cartridges are the future for a hydrogen based economy


A universal energy storage cartridge for EVs is proposed as the way forward to allow car makers to progress toward a sustainable zero carbon future.



This is not to ignore the heritage of thousands of  internal combustion driven, petrol, gas and diesel cars, without which the human race would not have progressed so rapidly.


IC cars are becoming ever more efficient and capable of running on green bio fuels. Unfortunately, these vehicles still produce CO2. There are now many different types of hybrid vehicles, as engineers all around the world pitch in to develop our future cleaner transport. A truly evolutionary process, of which Darwin would have been proud.


Think on this: Oil prices continue to rise, but not enough to pay for the damage we are inflicting on the earth as we are draining the only non-renewable energy bank, simply to keep our economy hiccup free as politicians reap the rewards of office.  By burying our heads and allowing our leaders to bury their heads in the sand we are polluting and warming our planet dangerously. Meantime, there is a solution and it's up to us to lobby our representatives for change. Max Energy Ltd.


At time of writing the outright wheel driven record LSR (gas turbine) stands at a little over 458mph.  You will see from the above Links, the international electric LSR has gone from 152mph in 1972 to 271mph in a little over 30 years, a 119mph increase.  Whereas, the petrol record has risen by 47mph in the same time.   It is also worth noting that both petrol and jet records have been largely US or UK contested.  They say racing improves the breed.  Who knows where the technology being developed today for the race track may lead.



WELCOME  -  This site is dedicated to man's world automotive achievements.  We believe that ultimately electric vehicles are the future of sustainable transport.




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