Al Teague Racing - Home of the worlds fastest wheel driven car at 409.986 MPH

Aussie Invader - Team - Pontiac Bonneville to Attempt Land-Speed Record

Bean Bandits, Race Team

Blind land speed record broken    Bank worker breaks the world LSR.

Bluebird Marine Systems - A to Z site index

Boeing Employees Racing Club - Well organized project to capture the 50 cc S-BF motorcycle landspeed record.

Bonneville and El Mirage Racing - page by Dave Mann

Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville WorldWide, Inc. a world created of speed, style and beauty!

Breaking The Sound Barrier on Land -   Information on salt flats racing.

British Steam Car Challenge    The British attempt on the Steam World Land Speed Record

Brits zip along, break sound barrier on land with jet-powered car

Burning Man: Preparation

Carlinks4you -- automotive directory

CDNOW : Items : Husker Du : Speed Record track

CNN - British duo sets first supersonic land-speed record - Oct. 15, 1997

CNN - British team breaks land speed record - September 25, 1997

CNN - British team breaks land speed record - September 25, 1997

CNN - British team breaks land speed record - September 25, 1997

CNN - Jet-powered car breaks sound barrier twice - October 13, 1997

CNN - List of world land speed record holders - October 15, 1997

CNN - List of world land speed record holders - October 15, 1997

CNN - 'Thrust' car close to world land speed record - September 22, 1997 ring    Data from Mozilla

Craig Breedlove    Unveils Speed Of Sound Land Speed Record Car

Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America    Land Speed Record Jet Car

David Tremayne - The Land Speed Record

Dempsey's White Lightning -    Electric Land Speed Record Holder at 245.524 mph

Don's Autopages  A comprehensive record breaking directory.

Doug Mcmillan -- New Zealand Record Holding Honda SiR 1600 VTEC CRX

Dragbike Magazine Performance Directory:   Teams : LSR

The Dreamliner III Team

East Coast Timing Association    land speed racing east of the mississippi

Electric Landspeed Vehicles -- Electric powered vehicles.

European Motorcycle Universe    With useful information, trivia, pictures and just plain "stuff"

E-Z-Hook Bonneville Streamliner Page

Foyt Selected For Racing Hall

Frame Home Page

GE Forge & Tool    World Land Speed Record Project

History of Land Speed Records

HPVA Official Speed Records -    on Land for Human Powered Vehicles


Husker Du Curiosities    Husker Du odds and ends, curiosities

I2-NEWS: Internet2 Land Speed Record Prize Established

iit100's home page    .

International Motorsports Hall Of Fame

John Howard    A three time Olympic Cyclist, world land speed record holder (152 mph on a bike)

Kellison Racing

Lea-Francis Owners Club - - Classic car club and informative website

Lamborghini Door Conversion - Convert your vehicles stock doors into vertical lamborghini style scissor doors with our easy to follow instructions.

Land Speed Record    (was note on Henry Joy)

Land Speed Record

Land Speed Record

Land speed record cars

Land Speed Record Racing -    The first place to look for links related to salt flats racing information.

Land Speed Record Racing Index -    Salt flats racing information.

Land Speed Record Racing Index -    Look here for links related to salt flats racing information.

Land Speed Record Stuff    Vintage photos

Land Speed Record, Thrust SSC, Supersonic Cars   Automotive aerodynamics  The premier land speed racing site.

Latest News

LSR Ural -    A Ural will run for a Land Speed Record at Bonneville

Medieval English urban history - Ipswich

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

Mobil Railton at Brooklands    John Cobb mobil Railton and M.G. record breaker at Brooklands

Mobil Railton at Brooklands    John Cobb mobil Railton and M.G. record breaker at Brooklands

Moto Guzzi pushrod engined    Land Speed Record assault


NALSA's landsailing home on the web.

North American Eagle

Plextor 820

Porsche vehicles parts and articles

PRIME TIME British land speed record holders

PRIME TIME British land speed record holders

PUBLIC HIGHWAY LAND SPEED RECORD    tm Qualifications (results-record.htm)

Quicksilver 500 Project -- World land speed record attempt for wheel driven vehicles.  - 

Re: Bonneville World Land Speed Record Championships

Re: Land Speed Record

Record Book Shop    Record Book Shop: Buy Guinness and Other Sports Record Books Here

Recreation Portal - 

REPLICAST Record Models    Replica models and pictures of Speed Record cars and boats

Solar Phantom - land speed record challenge

Sonic Wind -    World Land Speed Record Attempt

Sonic Wind Land Speed Racing -    a rocket to exceed speed of sound on ice.

Sonic Wind rocket powered sled,    land speed record team

Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) / Bonneville Nationals Inc. (BNI) -- Official Home Page.

Speed Records

Speed Record Club

Spirit Of America   Craig Breedlove

Sports Entertainment - 

Sports Network - 

Steam Car Land Speed Record

Stuart Gough  recounts the Pendine and World Land Speed Record attempts

Team Vesco Racing and the Turbinator -    the wheel driven land speed record holder at 427.832 MPH.

Tenacious II,    motorcycle land speed record team

Terry Nish and his sons Land Speed Record attempts.

The Land Speed Record   The Splendid Whizzer Asociation Home Page. Wonderful vehicles: land, sea, air.

The Need for Speed    The Need for Speed is a comprehensive listing of racing sites covering Drag Racing, Circle Track, Land Speed Record, Air Planes, Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, and just about anything else you can think of.

The Sports Car: World Land Speed Record

The Steam World Land Speed Record

Thrust Land Speed Record Team Applauded

Tom Bryant's Bonneville records site.

Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] Land speed Record

Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: Re: [turbobike] Land speed Record

Turbocharged Hotrod Motorcycles: Re: [turbobike] Land speed Record

TWO FACED    37 years of Pete Williams and his sprint/drag bike "Two Faced" and his latest projects

University of California, Berkeley Human Powered Vehicle

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association ... USFRA    P. O. Box 27365, Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0365, USA. World of Speed, September 20-23, 2002. Land Speed Racing on the historic BONNEVILLE Salt Flats. Ph: 801 583-3765 for course conditions or Email:

Wankel Rotary Engines - Motor Racing    Racing powered by rotary engines.

Wankel Rotary Engines - Other Motor Racing    Rotary combustion engines at Le Mans and other races.

Wheel-driven vehicle Land Speed Record History

WindJet - Wind Powered World Land Speed Record    A British attempt to shatter the world wind-powered speed record

Wingfoot Express Land Speed Record Car Story    Tom Green and Wingfoot express.

Yahoo! Recreation_Sports_Auto Racing_Land Speed Record

Yahoo! Recreation_Sports_Auto Racing_Land Speed Record

Zanghi, Keith: 700 mph World Land Speed Record Challenger












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