The Battery Vehicle Society is a UK Society with about 300 members who have an interest in battery electric vehicles.

Amongst the membership there exists a wealth of practical knowledge, both in the conversion of cars to electric traction and in the day to day operation of electric vehicles as a practical means of transport. Others have an interest in the history of electric vehicles.

Members of the Society have participated in competitions in the UK and around the World and society members have achieved international successes. These competitions encouraged members to develop their own components and Cedric Lynch has gone on to achieve world acclaim for his Lynch motor. In earlier days society member Alan Freeman developed his pioneering electric solar car, the first road legal solar vehicle in the UK.

The Society journal: the "Battery Vehicle Review" is published six times a year and includes events, articles on battery vehicles, and items for sale.

BVS Chairman & Acting Secretary:  Ian Gordon  26 College Glade, Caerleon, Newport, South Wales NP18 3TB  Phone 01633-421190 

BVS Vice-Chairman: Alan Ward  Coasters Cottage , Hermitage, Dorchester DT2 7BB  Phone 01963 210449

BVS Review Editor & Sales Officer: Frank Wykes  44 Heath Road, Market Bosworth, NUNEATON, CV13 0NX Phone 01455-290499  
or 'Tyn Lon', Trefdraeth, Bodorgan, Anglesey LL62 5EU or 01407-840612

General Enquiries:  Richard Pryor   3 Blandford St. Mary,  BLANDFORD FORUM,  Dorset DT11 9LH  Phone 01258 455470

Technical Enquiries: Paul Compton   48 Shakespeare Rd, Luton, Beds LU4 0HS  01582 573195 

Competition Secretary:  Gordon Floa   Future Technologies,  Woodham Court, off McLaren Roundabout, Woking, Surrey GU21 5NJ  
07771 895429 

Solar & Road Vehicles Co-ordinator & Publicity Officer:  Brian Hampton  21 Bounds Croft, Greenleys, MILTON KEYNES, Buckinghamshire MK12 6AW   Phone 01908-316991 

Membership Secretary: William Macphee   29 Armour Road, Tilehurst, READING, Berkshire RG31 6 HA Phone 0118-9414873



Cedric Lynch's electric cycle


The Battery Vehicle Society had a visit to Cornwall over the weekend of the 12th to the 15th of October 2003.  There was a symposium at "Gaia" on modern developments in battery electric vehicles. Of particular interest were the discussions on peoples experience using Lithium-Ion batteries.  


Among the speakers was Cedric Lynch who had installed a pack of "Thundersky" lithium cells in his streamlined electric motorcycle 3 days before.Being cautious he stopped twice for recharge on the way to GAIA from Potters Bar. With increasing experience & confidence he only stopped at Honiton on the return trip, making the 175 mile leg from Honiton to Potters Bar in 3 hours 45 minutes running time plus a 15 minute "rest" stop.


Thunder Sky TS-LP 8581A (former 8582)

Rated 100amp-hour @ 3.6volts

Operating range 2.8 - 4.25 volts

maximum discharge current 300 amps

Best charging current 30 amps

Temperature range -25 - +75 deg C

Dimensions: 230x145x63 mm  Weight 3 kgs  Cycles > 500




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More details can be obtained from the Battery Vehicle Society, to join costs just 12 per annum (concessions 8) and entitles the member our Society bi-monthly publication "The Battery Vehicle Review".   Please see the contacts above.

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