COMING SOON: A delicious cola based on a traditional recipe, full of natural goodness and energy........................ Refreshment at its best.  


Kola nuts have been used for years by native Africans as a health boost and calming potion.  if you were given a Kola nut to chew on, it was a sign of friendship and good will. 


The founders of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, were both pharmacists looking for a drink as a medicinal pick-you-up.  Kola nuts and Guarana are a natural source of caffeine and other complex energy giving compounds.  Along with other natural oils, they help give Solar Cola its distinctive flavour.  


Solar cola also contains other health giving ingredients not found in other leading colas.  They help maintain your peak physical condition - body and mind and assist energy levels.




Solar Cola 330ml alu can    







Solar Cola Limited are looking for distributors in America, Australia, Canada, Europe, England and  Japan.  The state of the Cola market globally and in the UK is ripe for a fresh quality brand, with excellent potential for growth.  


According to  the UK drinks market is worth an estimated 53.5 billion, representing a 7% share of total consumer spending.  The global soft drinks market is roughly the same percentage of total consumer spending for developed countries.


Prospective investors in this soft drink company should consult their own independent investment advisers, and please note this information is provided for general guidance only.  It is not a prospectus, but is provided in response to the number of requests we have received asking for more information


Please contact Solar Cola Limited for details using the email, postal address, or telephone number provided at the this link :    CONTACT INFORMATION





Solar Cola Limited



CONTACT TELEPHONE:   +44 (0) 7905 147709   (UK)



If you are looking for a new drink to add to your existing product range, we are looking for distributors in: Australia, Canada, China, EuropeJapan, IndiaRussia, South Africa, South America, UK, and the USA. We are currently in negotiations regarding the Middle East and North African territories, and please see our contacts  in Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia for more information.


You may be looking for a new business to get into, in which case we can offer a complete support package, from trademark licensing to flavourings delivered to your packers. We will also source a competitive supplier of sugar for you - wherever you are in the world. 


The state of the Cola market globally and in the UK is ripe for a fresh quality brand, with excellent potential for growth.  According to  the UK drinks market alone is worth an estimated 53.5 billion a year, representing a 7% share of total consumer spending.


The UK soft drinks market is worth around 2.3 billion. This figure is divided between 3 main players and 5 supermarket own brands - to give 8 players. If we divide 2.3 by 8, each player (on average) takes a 287,500,000 share of the market.  If Solar Cola were to attain an equal (average) share of the market 1/9th (over 5 years), this would be worth 255,560,000 to our company - in the UK alone. Food for thought.

Solar Cola is also a wonderful mixer which compliments Rum, Brandy and Whisky.



Solar Cola PET soft drink bottle trademark Middle East design


Solar Cola 500ml PET bottle    




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